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The answers may be in the stars

Published February 05. 2011 09:00AM

Global warming proponents have claimed for the last several years that we have been responsible for the changes in our climate and the increasing intensity of our weather. But perhaps the answers do not lie here on Earth but out in the stars. I heard an interesting discussion this week that made me ponder the possibility for another reason as to why our planet seems to be going a bit nuts.

Originally our ancestors believed the universe revolved around our Earth with us being the center of it. Time passed and science evolved to the point that Nicolaus Copernicus made the bold assertion that it was not our planet that was the center of the universe but that the sun was the center of our solar system and we revolved around the sun. At the time he published his theory, the Catholic Church was aware of it but did little about his findings. It was not until Galileo took up the position that the church got annoyed and made an example of Galileo for promoting what was considered a heretical position.

Galileo was eventually forgiven and it became accepted that we revolved around the sun along with our fellow planets which is the belief we held ever since. So for the last four hundred plus years we have accepted this as fact, but what no one really stops to consider is that the sun and our solar system really is not stationary either but instead is moving through the universe as well just like all of the other stars, planets, solar systems and galaxies.

Scientist David Sereda mentioned that perhaps our problems are related to the area of space in which our solar system is passing as opposed to any action on the earth. He backed up his speculation with these observations.

The weather on the Earth is intensifying and changing. Record breaking heat during 2010 has been followed by week after week of blizzards and storms. A historic cyclone hit Australia this week as well as the blizzard and major ice storm 38 of our 50 states experienced within the past week. While some may attribute this to our greenhouse gases, others have speculated it could be the work of the HAARP arrays being used to mess with our atmosphere. The idea being the intensive microwaves affecting the atmosphere are also affecting the weather. While we cannot prove this one way or the other at this point it needs to be on the table as a possible reason.

Sereda pointed out though that these changes are not just occurring on the Earth. He points out the large storms that have formed on Jupiter and Saturn. These storms are some of the largest ever spotted by astronomers. He also mentioned that all of the planets have been showing signs of heating. While global warming could be a culprit, it would have no effect on other planets yet that contrarian evidence is there for the observing which points the finger at one body that does have an effect on the solar system, namely our sun.

Some scientists believe Sol or the sun has a direct correlation on not only earth's magnetic fields but its weather as well. The sun releases flares and has sunspots and some believe it periodically releases plasma bursts as well. Could this anomalous solar behavior create the issues we are experiencing? It is a distinct possibility, but Sereda believes there could be another factor at play.

He suggests the issues we are having could be due to the area of the universe into which our solar system is traveling. The solar system may have been in a quiet less active area of the universe but it is now possibly traveling into a more cluttered area of space. By cluttered, we are talking about more radiation and dust. He speculates this could account for why the whole solar system is showing signs of change and evolution and not just the earth.

I think this is a sound possibility. After all we know the universe is expanding and that our solar system rotates as the Milky Way moves as well. If we are moving through that grand void of space then it makes sense that this containing space is not uniform throughout the universe. Different areas could have different background effects. If this is truly the case, then what happens here really is out of our hands.

To me it seems like the earth is on skis and heading down the most dangerous slope. If our fate is truly in the hands of the cosmos, then it may be best to make the most of our time here as the end result of our planetary voyage may deliver us to a place that will end the life on this planet as we know it and we really cannot stop it. There is no kill switch to stop the universe. Hopefully we will never find out if this theory is true. What do you think?

Til Next time…

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