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Time to move forward

Published December 23. 2011 05:01PM

Dear Editor:

Fellow citizens of Carbon County,

This election cycle, the people of Carbon County voted, overwhelmingly, across party lines to elect Republicans to "right the ship" after years of Democrat control and corruption. County Commissioner Wayne Nothstein and Commissioner- elect Tom J. Gerhard soundly defeated the team of Commissioners Getz and O'Gurek.

Now that the election dust has settled it seems that "soon to be" former Commissioner O'Gurek and his cronies are trying to drum up anger at the incoming leadership. Since the election they have been using taxpayer time and money, during meetings, to rail against those who defeated them in a hard fought and fair election. Time and again, through their surrogates, they submitted op-eds to help sow discord. For example, they refer to Mr. Nothstein and Mr. Gerhard as "liars". They have cast accusations that fliers distributed during the campaign were false. Mr. Getz and Mr. O'Gurek seem to be questioning the intelligence of the voters.

I find it amusing that not one person in any of their articles have mentioned specifics on these so-called lies. They are assuming you, the voter, did not take the five minutes it would take to verify the information in these fliers and that you voted out of "fear and belief in everything you read".

They also, as reported by this newspaper, submitted a budget full of frivolous spending that will leave the next administration with a lot of catching up to do. Mr. O'Gurek went against his own words. Speaking prior to Election Day, he said he would "work every day to deliver a fiscally responsible government to the people. That means watching expenditures, cutting the unnecessary costs and living within our budget". If any of you have read the budget or even the summary of the budget you will realize that those were words spoken by someone who had assumed they were going to win, not someone who has the best interest of the county in mind.

It is time to move on from the bitterness and harsh rhetoric of the campaign season and look forward to a new era of fiscal responsibility and steady leadership. Your votes have shown your conservative roots Carbon County. I suggest that everyone take a look at what you see occurring and realize that it has been words spoken by those who have fallen from power. The adults have been given the keys to the future of Carbon County. Give Mr. Nothstein and Mr. Gerhard the time and support they need to make this county a stronghold of industry and prosperity once again.


Jeremy T. Glaush


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