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Where is the outrage?

Published December 03. 2011 09:01AM

Dear Editor:

How many of us ordinary citizens could get away with insider trading? We ordinary citizens would be in jail but it is legal for our representatives to do so. When are we going to make them live by the same rules we do? Lots of them are already worth millions and that is still not enough money for them. Notice should be sent to these "crooks" that when caught, they would have to walk around for the rest of their life with a sign saying "I am a dishonest person" then maybe they would think twice before doing such dishonest practices.

Our President says we need jobs but he puts roadblocks in the way of any business. Boeing wants to open a new plant but he is against it because it would be non-union. Does he want Boeing to go to China? He has Imelt helping him to bring jobs here, but Imelt sends his GE jobs to China. We can't drill for our own oil or build a pipeline because of the EPA. This would provide good paying jobs and make us less dependent on foreign oil. Does he want Canada to send their oil to China? Does our President want us to live like the Flintstones? We must learn to take risks in order to prosper. We take a risk every time we get in our car.

The President has racked up around a four trillion dollar debt in less than three years and still wants to spend more. He wants to tax the rich to support his spending appetite, but what happens when the rich run out of money? I heard already that all the money the rich have would not be enough to pay our debt. Our government has a big spending problem.

Do you know of a business that runs without a budget? Did you know our country has run for almost 1,000 days without one? Isn't it time we demand our representatives to earn their pay and pass a budget? This is insanity the way this bunch is running our country.

It is sad when you hear people who immigrated to our country for a better life have to say we are getting like the country they left.

What is wrong with this picture? We are spending more on schools and welfare and our children are getting dumber and have a welfare explosion. This goes to show us more money is not the answer. Can't our "brains" in Washington figure that out?

The Pilgrims who came over here were God fearing people. We are now being run by people who have no fear of God. The sad part is the more God is taken out of our schools and lives the worse our country is becoming. Our President couldn't even mention God in his Thanksgiving address. If we continue to throw God on the dung heap, do you think he will have any mercy on us?

We have dishonest people in both parties. Almost every day there is a new scandle. I can hardly wait to read the book "Throw Them All Out" by Schweitzer to learn more about the ones who are throwing our money down the toilet.

I heard they want to study putting a fast train in California. The government has to subsidize Amtrak now, so do we have to find another train? This is not up to government to fund. Follow the money to see who gets a kickback.

Always keep in the back of your mind when they want to raise our taxes, it is so they will have more to spend.

Green energy. This is a pet peeve of mine. All you have to do is check on who is benefiting from it.

All voters better wake up and really study all the candidates for our next election. Know what their values are. We need people who fear a Higher Power and do not consider themselves as the Almighty. If we keep on the path we re on now, we will lose our country and end up as a bunch of serfs.

Where are the Washington, Lincoln and Franklins now?

T. Walck

Bowmanstown, Pa.

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