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JT continues looking into noise ordinance

Published August 17. 2011 05:01PM

The Jim Thorpe Planning Commission Committee continues researching and discussing possible noise ordinance ideas. The main noise concerns in Jim Thorpe are outdoor amplified music, vehicular noise, and construction noise.

At last month's Planning meeting, committee member Jerry Hoare, presented the noise ordinance of New Hope, Pennsylvania. The committee members researched the ordinance and discussed it at Tuesday's meeting.

It was discussed how in New Hope, their ordinance states that police can give out citations for vehicle noises that go over a certain decibel (i.e. unneeded revving of an engine). The committee discussed how something like this could be enforced in Jim Thorpe.

Committee Chair, Louis Hall, stated how speed limit signs and crosswalks were added in Jim Thorpe and how that has helped to decrease speeding issues in town. He suggested that they could start by putting up signs stating a decibel level for vehicles and have a few decibel meters around town.

The committee decided they will look into borrowing a few decibel meters to conduct noise readings in town to aid in figuring out reasonable decibel levels.

"It would be good to take some readings on Broadway," stated Wesley Johnson, Borough Manager.

"The key is the limits. Trying to establish reasonable limits for all of it, whether it's motorcycles or outdoor amplified music," he added.

The Planning Commission Committee intends to continue research on forming a noise ordinance and conducting decibel readings around town.

"All of this is just a starting point," stated Hoare.

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