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4-H project animals auctioned at fair

  • ELSA KERSCHNER/TIMES NEWS Carbon County Commissioner Charles Getz bought Alyssa Wentz' market swine.
    ELSA KERSCHNER/TIMES NEWS Carbon County Commissioner Charles Getz bought Alyssa Wentz' market swine.
Published August 15. 2011 05:02PM

Mindy Graver, from the Penn State Cooperative Extension Office, said it was the 12th annual 4-H livestock auction. She thanked county Commissioners Wayne Nothstein and Charles Getz for their continued support of the livestock program.

Tim Houser donated his time as auctioneer, a position he held so long no one could remember when he first started, but guesses were in the 20-year range.

Animals were to be picked up Monday morning with arrangements to be made with Deanna or Denny Cunfer.

A new sponsor has been added, said Graver. She said ABC Refrigeration, Heating and Cooling's Todd Dreisbach was selling peanuts at the fair and all profits will go to the 4-H Livestock program.

Luke Graver and Sarah Kuehner led the Pledge of Allegiance and 4-H Pledge respectively. Since it was Graver's last year, he took a moment to thank all the buyers for their support over the years.

Mindy Graver said it is getting harder to choose the housekeeping award winners. The award depends on how clean the stable is kept and whether or not it is decorated.

The Sevrin-Troxell family took third place, Luke Graver was second, and Graver said it was really hard to choose first place, but the prize went to Andy and Jesse Fogel.

Houser said he was glad to see the livestock auction publicized and thanked the TIMES NEWS. He looked around at the potential buyers and said these people have been consistent supporters of 4-H.

"These people are the ones who are supporting you kids. I don't see anyone from Wal-Mart here," said Houser.

Houser was warned by his wife not go home with another goat. Each year his family goes home with some of the animals offered.

Over the years he has come to know many of the entrants and purchasers, and commented throughout the auction.

He asked Mercedes Melo if she was the M&M girl and later Molly Mertz was asked if she was also an M&M girl.

When Felicia Mertz' 1,255 pound steer entered the arena, Houser asked, "Garrett, wouldn't you like to ride that one - that's my grandson." When Sarah Kuehner's pig entered at a run, he told her she should take it to the pig races.

When Jenifer Garrity's pen of meat rabbits was brought to the arena, Houser said that was the last chance to buy something and get a banner and picture - it was the last of the champions and reserve champions.

Chester Snyder of Charles S. Snyder Inc. bought a dairy beef from Carissa Sevrin. Mindy Graver said, "Chester (Snyder) is now standing with Chester." The animal was named for Carissa's grandfather.

4-Hers were asked what they would do different next year. The most common response was that they would spend more time working with their animals. A few wanted to try other animals, like the goat herder who wants a steer.

There was clapping when a new purchaser was announced.

A buyback program is for the person who does not want to take the animal home. For example, if the market price for a lamb is $75 and the person bids $100, the buyer pays only the difference, or $25.

Market price for the animals was based on $1 per pound for steers and lambs, 72 cents for hogs, 70 cents for dairy beef, $75 per head for goats 60 pounds and under and $90 per head over 60 pounds.

Prices for the champion animals were:

Market steer, 1,230 lbs., Luke Graver, $2,400 sold to ABC Refrigeration, Heating and Cooling

Market swine, 244 lbs., Alyssa Wentz, $1,250 sold to Charles Getz

Market goat, 84 lbs., Melissa Nothstein, $1,550 sold to Charles Getz

Dairy beef, 487 lbs., Kyle Troxell, $1,250 sold to Charles S. Snyder Inc. represented by Chester Snyder

Market lamb, 126 lbs., Luke Graver, $950 sold to Charles Getz

Rooster, $375, sold to Carbon County Fair represented by Bob Silliman

Hen, Mercedes Melo, $425 sold to Mauch Chunk Trust Company represented by Richard Getz

Pen of meat rabbits, Alexandrea Sestok, $310 sold to Dale's French Fries represented by D J Greenzwcig

Prices for reserve champion animals were:

Market steer, 1,372 lbs., Alyssa Wentz, $2,900 sold to Fred Reinhard

Market swine, 252 lbs., Luke Graver, $1,025 sold to ELM

Market goat, 84 lbs., Courtney Getz, $1,050 sold to Forest Inn Storage.

Dairy beef, 510 lbs., Carissa Sevrin, $1,500 sold to Charles S. Snyder Inc.

Market lamb, 140 lbs., Alex Hawk, $900 sold to Herman Snyder Plumbing and Heating

Rooster, $340 sold to Forest Inn Masonry

Hen, $380 sold to Palmerton Garage Doors

Pen of meat rabbits, $250 sold to Mauch Chunk Trust Company represented by Richard Getz.

Non-champion steers sold for $1,700 and $2,000. Swine sold between $400 and $710. Dairy beef brought between $650 and $950. Goats sold from $290 to $610 and lambs sold between $360 and $430.

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