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Is there more to it?

Published April 30. 2011 09:00AM

If I was to argue with you that white was black or up was down, I am willing to bet two things would happen. First, you would probably attempt to prove that I was wrong since you would believe the truth is so obvious that it would seem insane to argue otherwise. Second, failing to convince me of either of these truths you may eventually give up and believe I'm crazy since the truth is staring me right in the face and yet I still deny it. With that being said, why are we all so willing to believe everything we are told just because someone insists it is the truth when our senses and our intellect tells us they are wrong?

We want to believe our government is open and free. We want to believe they act in our best interests and tell the truth. We want to believe they are above reproach and many find it easier to just be blind to the truth in front of us. We want to take a strict scientific approach to life because what we can prove, we can prove and what we cannot prove does not exist. This is makes it easy because it allows us to get through life with blinders on.

Our world has shifted from independence to blind obedience. We need to wake up out of this specter of apathy. We laugh at the scraggy beggar on the street carrying the sign saying "The End of the World is Nigh." Some of you probably dismiss this column as being alarmist, but it is not folks. We need to listen before we lose everything we as Americans hold dear.

We need to engage common sense and trust our intuition more and what we are told less. The people leading this country have an agenda to preserve their power. I have an agenda too. I want all of you and myself to stand up for ourselves, our country and its principles, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These basic truths are being crushed under the tyranny we left fear create.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself" but then preceded to lay the foundation of the "nanny state" where we begin to depend on the government. President John F. Kennedy who is one of our most revered presidents challenged us with "Ask not what your country can do for youask what you can do for your country." His challenge went unanswered when he was overthrown three years later and President Lyndon B. Johnson proceeded to further engrain an entitlement mentality into this nation.

I will stop there for now because in 1963, this country was hijacked and those of you who were alive witnessed a coup. Look at the truths that were right in front of you and are still there to be seen. The Zapruder film shows Kennedy's head recoil back not forward consistent with the kill shot coming from the front of the car. Ask anyone who has fired a firearm or better yet a soldier. He was not shot from behind. The truth is in the celluloid, but like sheep we accepted a line of propaganda. It has continued to this day. E. Howard Hunt bragged on his death bed about being in on the plot recently. His son has told anyone who will listen about it. It is also on tape.

Seventeen years later, Alexander Haig during his confirmation hearing is quizzed by Ted Kennedy about an alleged attempt in Nixon's administration to impose martial law. It was supposedly nipped in the bud, but Haig knew about and a year later when Reagan barely escaped death at the hands of an assassin, Haig moved again to take over the country before being reined in which I believe lends credence to the apocryphal episode and does little to refute it.

Cut to 2001. The World Trade Centers. The day that criminals struck fear in our hearts by toppling these landmarks and crashing a plane into the Pentagon. We witnessed two damaged towers fall to the earth destroyed. What we didn't know was about the infamous building seven crashing to the ground later that day. We have been told about the plane hitting the Pentagon and one crashing in the field in Shanksville, PA. I believe these were acts of terrorists, an act of war against this country, but was it really done without any complicity at any level?

There is no argument that bin Laden was a CIA operative and may still be to this day. There is no argument 3,000 people died that day and it is easy to accept everything at face value. But is there more to it? I spoke with an emergency responder that survived to this day but not without scars and long term health problems. The people that are held as conspiracy nuts have spoken some truths that this man verified to me. He was present when the buildings came down. He heard the controlled explosions inside the building. He was in the chaos when those buildings came straight down defying logic. Later in the day building seven came down in its footprint as well.

Watch buildings that have been hit by cars, trucks or other large objects. Search out footage on YouTube. Watch buildings being imploded professionally on YouTube and then go back and watch the footage again and ask yourself, is what I see matching what I have been told?

The worst psychopath in modern history Adolf Hitler said, "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and they will believe it." Remember that as you listen to these politicians who are leading this country supposedly in our best interests and realize they are not acting for us, but for themselves and worse for power. And make up your own minds.

Til next time…

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