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Bray sets two records as Pleasant Vy. sweeps

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    RON GOWER/TIMES NEWS Lehighton's Lauren Michalik, left, and Pleasant Valley's Kiasia Dunbar leap over the hurdles at virtually the exact time. The two athletes finished in a dead heat in the 100 hurdles.
Published April 28. 2011 05:00PM

It was a special day for Pleasant Valley's Keegan Bray.

Bray, a sophomore on the Bears' track team, set two school records in Wednesday's 92.5-57.5 Mountain Valley Conference victory over Lehighton. Bray set new records in both the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes with a little help from a tail wind.

Bray's first record came in the 100-meter dash, where he ran a time of 10.8 seconds. He broke teammate Hiram Woodruff's record of 10.86, who finished second (10.9) in a photo-finish in the same race. Bray's second record came about an hour later in the 200-meter dash when he finished in 22.33 seconds. Ironically, he broke Eric Woodruff's (Hiram's older brother) record. Woodruff finished close behind (22.39) in the 200 as well.

"I am very happy with how I did today," said Bray. "I definitely think the weather helped me a lot today with the wind at my back, but other than that I just went out and gave it my best. Now I think I will push myself in the future to try and go out and do more.

"It's incredible having Hiram there. He keeps me going and makes me better myself in everything I do."

The other big winner on the day was Lehighton's Sarah Keer. Keer placed first in all four of the events that she competed in. Despite her big day, Pleasant Valley completed the sweep with an 86-59 victory.

Keer's first victory came in the shot put with a throw of 34 feet, three-and-a-half inches. From there she went on to the javelin and won with another throw of 117 feet, 8 inches.

Her last two first-place finishes came in the 400-meter relay and the 200-meter dash respectively. Keer finished with a time of 27.4 seconds in the 200-meter dash - 0.6 seconds ahead of teammate Sage Terembula.

"Last week I threw 35-feet (in the shot put), but it was kind of downhill," admitted Keer. "So I think I am improving in the shot put.

"As for the javelin, there was a really bad wind. It was hard to throw because the wind was blowing one way and I like to throw it the other way. With this wind the javelin will go straight up in the air and fall right back down. It takes a lot of the distance away."

Pleasant Valley's Abigial Kaspscyk also fared well, as she took home first-place in three different events. She won both the 800-meter and 1600-meter endurance races, along with being a member of the winning 3200-meter relay team. The freshman posted times of 2:44 and 6:07 in the 800 and 1600-meter runs respectively.

"I thought my times were okay," said Kaspscyk. "They weren't as good as some of my other times, but overall I guess I am happy with taking first.

"The wind on the back stretch is hard because it is right up against you. The other runners can then pace off of you and not work as hard. I was also away on vacation. I ran while I was away, but the weather wasn't great today."

The only other multi-winner was Pleasant Valley's Kelecia Harris. Harris matched Kaspscyk with three wins of her own. Harris won the 100-meter dash (12.3) and the 400-meter run (1:06), as well as the triple jump (35-2).

Lehighton's Jon Strauss, Levi Haldeman and Jon Rabenold were the only boy to win two events, although they each won one individual event and one relay event.

Strauss won the javelin with a toss of 138 feet, two inches. His other win came as a member of the 400-meter relay team, who won with a time of 46 seconds. Haldeman won the discus (140-3), while Rabenold was victorious in the long jump (19-4). Both were on the winning 1600-meter relay team.


Pleas.Vy. 86, Lehighton 59

100 - 1. Kelecia Harris (PV) 12.3, 2. Sage Terembula (L), 3. Normani Marbury (PV).

200 - 1. Sarah Keer (L) 27.4, 2. Sage Terembula (L), 3. Jess Anewalt (PV).

400 - 1. Kelecia Harris (PV) 1:06, 2. Emily Mieles (PV), 3. Jade Hill (PV).

800 - 1. Abby Kaspscyk (PV) 2:44, 2. Melissa Russo (PV), 3. Brittany Dunay (PV).

1600 - 1. Abby Kaspscyk (PV) 6:07, 2. Sam Klingel (PV), 3. Stacy Wojy (PV).

3200 - 1. Emily Oldt (L) 14:08, 2. Cheyenne Barnes (PV), 3. Althea Ross (PV).

400 Relay - 1. Lehighton (Terembula, Keer, Haldeman, Waibel) N/A.

1600 Relay - 1. Not Contested.

3200 Relay - 1. Pleasant Valley (Kaspscyk, Russo, Klingel, Young) N/A.

100 H - T1. Lauren Michalik (L)/Kiasia Dunbar (PV) 16.1, 3. Alanna Liptak (PV).

300 H - 1. Alanna Liptak (PV) 50.3, 2. Kiasia Dunbar (PV), 3. Haley Coleman (L).

Shot Put - 1. Sarah Keer (L) 34-3 1/2, 2. Gwen Remaley (L), 3. Jen McKee (PV).

Discus - 1. Gwen Remaley (L) 97-10, 2. Paloma Ortiz (PV), 3. Maria Stern (L).

Javelin - 1. Sarah Keer (L) 117-8, 2. Lauren McCullion (L), 3. Danielle Fake (L).

Long Jump - 1. Tara Fisher (L) 14-9, 2. Kiasia Dunbar (PV), 3. Losena Kearse (PV).

Triple Jump - 1. Kelecia Harris (PV) 35-2, 2. Normani Marbury (PV), 3. Losena Kearse (PV).

High Jump - 1. Courtney Miller (PV) 4-8, 2. Losena Kearse (PV), 3. Danielle Maier (PV).

Pole Vault - 1. Ciera Kobal (L) 7, 2. Sam Klingel (PV), 3. Losena Kearse (PV).


Pleas. Vy. 92 1/2,

Lehighton 57 1/2

100 - 1. Keegan Bray (PV) 10.8, 2. Hiram Woodruff (PV), 3. Josh Perry (PV).

200 - 1. Keegan Bray (PV) 22.33, 2. Hiram Woodruff (PV), 3. Billy Angst (L).

400 - 1. Jon Rabenold (L) 55.8, 2. Rich Forte (PV), 3. Matt Natale (PV).

800 - 1. Anthony Ruiz (PV) 2:14.3, 2. Nick Corrales (PV), 3. Lawrence Robinson (PV).

1600 - 1. Alex Larkin (PV) 5:10.8, 2. James Patterson (PV), 3. Schyler Jacobson (PV).

3200 - 1. Tim Landes (PV) 12:02, 2. Pat Rimple (PV), 3. Dalton Radler (L).

400 Relay - 1. Lehighton (Coleman, Strauss, Zellers, Angst) 46.0.

1600 Relay - 1. Lehighton (Haldeman, Kresge, Tucker, Rabenold) 4:26.

3200 Relay - 1. Pleasant Valley (Ruiz, O'Leary, Jacobson, Corrales) 9:09.

110 H - 1. Josiah Evans (L) 16.3, 2. Jalen Blot (PV), 3. Lewis Leiterman (PV).

300 H - 1. Jalen Blot (PV) 45.7, 2. Lewis Leiterman (PV), 3. Darion Porter (PV).

Shot Put - 1. Eric Whiteman (L) 46-8, 2. Levi Haldeman (L), 3. Dekembe Smith (PV).

Discus - 1. Levi Haldeman (L) 140-3, 2. Eric Whiteman (L), 3. Thomas Heath (PV).

Javelin - 1. Jon Strauss (L) 138-2, 2. Brandon Leap (PV), 3. Levi Haldeman (L).

Long Jump - 1. Jon Rabenold (L) 19-4, 2. Tyler Bentzoni (PV), 3. Hiram Woodruff (PV).

Triple Jump - 1. Brian Diekarski (L) 40-9, 2. Josh Perry (PV), 3. Deonte Dennis (PV).

High Jump - 1. Tyler Bentzoni (PV) 5-10, 2. Josiah Evans (L), 3. Billy Angst (L)/Selwyn Wright (PV).

Pole Vault - 1. Josh Perry (PV) 9, 2. Bobby Kitchen (PV), 3. Zach Fuls (PV).

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