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John Boehner: The new Neville Chamberlain

Published April 16. 2011 09:01AM

John Boehner lost his credibility last week when he caved in to the Democrats on the budget bill. I believe that he compromised his values and his principles by agreeing to the budget deal. He originally asked for $100 billion in tax cuts. Then when he encountered opposition, he retreated to $61 billion and finally sold us out for $38 billion. The $38 billion was reduced to $351 million by the Congressional Budget Office on Thursday. Over $37 billion vaporized over night. This is journal entry politics at its worst."

The duopoly of the Democrats and Republicans scoured the government's books looking for money that would never be used and placed it into this bill claiming that it would be a cut. These were journal entries, not budget cuts. In my opinion, this and other budgetary deceptions have destroyed Boehner 's reputation and any hope he has of leading the Republicans to victory in 2012.

In his speeches, Mr. Boehner called the budget concessions a triumph. In reality this budget deal will increase our deficit by over $1 trillion before the end of the year. Mr. Boehner: Where are the savings? Mr. Boehner: Where are the cuts? Mr. Boehner: How will we pay back the money we owe? I believe he is trying to use inflation to devalue the debt. Unfortunately this will also erase the wealth Americans have accumulated with a lifetime of work. Meanwhile the politicians are patting themselves on the back and praising their ability to work together. In reality they have failed our nation.

Their budgetary efforts make absolutely no sense. This sham of a budget dramatically increases the national debt at a time when we are rapidly approaching the debt ceiling. This will prevent the government from borrowing the funds needed to operate. Meanwhile, Boehner's Republicans have taken to the airwaves with proclamations that they will not increase the debt limit. They are on every news show, on every major network, proclaiming that the debt ceiling is fixed in stone. Do they not understand how foolish this makes them look? They approve a budget that adds $1 trillion to the deficit yet they will not raise the debt limit to accommodate that amount of spending. Do they not understand that these two items are directly linked and a failure to increase the debt limit will shut the government down just as a failure to reach a budget agreement almost shut the government down last week? I believe that they will eventually cave in on the debt limit in exchange for some minor concessions or whimsical promises to balance the budget before Hell freezes over.

I do not want to see the borrowing limit increased. Our nation owes almost $14 trillion, much of it to foreign governments who do not like us. At any moment they could dump our debt and throw our economy into a downward spiral. It is time to live within our means even if this means drastic cuts to government programs and the elimination of half a million government jobs. We must reduce the size of the federal government just as we downsized Corporate America over the last 10 years. By downsizing government and living within our means we can avoid tax increases and start to make payments on our mortgaged future. The tax cuts will spur the economy, creating more jobs. This has two benefits. The first is a reduction in the unemployment rolls and the second is an increase in income tax revenue as we convert the unemployed into productive workers. As for the surplus government workers, early retirements and hiring freezes can cushion the impact of right sizing government.

So what does Mr. Boehner have in store for us over the next few weeks? He will threaten the Spendocrats with government shutdown. He will pontificate on the perils of raising the debt limit. He and his cronies will say that the Republicans cannot increase the debt limit, as doing so will threaten our financial security. Then he will extract a few petty concessions and cave-in as he did on the budget battle. Whether he increases the debt limit $1 trillion or $5 trillion it will all be spent in the blink of an eye. Mr. Boehner will be remembered as the man who sold out America and turned his back on the members of his party and the conservative voters who swept the Republicans into power last November. He has and he will continue to sell us out while claiming triumphant victory over his opponents.

Speaker Boehner is a modern day Neville Chamberlain. While Winston Churchill was warning the British and the world of the threats posed by Hitler's Germany, Mr. Chamberlain pioneered the appeasement philosophy. When Hitler annexed Austria in 1938, Chamberlain refused to acknowledge the threat. Later that year, when Germany annexed the Sudetenland, Chamberlain negotiated a deal with Hitler to ensure that Germany would remain within its current borders. He returned to Britain claiming "peace in our time", a victory for him and for his party. The world would be a better place because Nazi Germany had signed a treaty! Prime Minister Chamberlain's warm glow lasted until September 1, 1939. On that dreadful day, Germany invaded Poland and continued on to conquer the rest of continental Europe. Chamberlain resigned and Winston Churchill took over. The entire world was engulfed in the most deadly war in history because of Chamberlain's appeasement policy.

We are now facing a debt crisis that will destroy our country as we know it. Mr. Boehner's lack of a backbone gave the Democrats all they needed to continue on a mad spending spree that could end in economic oblivion. Unlike Ronald Reagan who drew a line in the sand and stuck to it, Speaker Boehner drew a line in the sand and erased it, then repeatedly redrew it and erased it. His retreat turned into a rout. He sacrificed our savings for his pride; our nation for his platform; and his soul for his party. He, like Chamberlain, will soon hang his head in shame for what he has done.

Mr. Boehner did not stand alone. Many of the newly elected Republicans stood with him, as they were unable to resist the trickery used on them and the pressure placed upon them by seasoned politicians. Some of these new Republican members have now been compromised. The promises some made to their constituents have been dishonored. A few of the stalwart among them will continue to represent the views of the people who elected them rather than submit to the demands of the party. Those who have been turned will now cooperate with the party and forget their obligation to the electorate. If this happens, then the conservative dream for the election of responsible government in 2012 is endangered.

So what are we to do now? I believe that each of us must contact our elected representatives. Let them know how we feel about the debt ceiling and the growing financial obligations of our country. Let them know that we cannot mortgage our grandchildren's future so that Obama and the Spendocrats can purchase the 2012 election. It is We The People who must draw the line in the sand because timid politicians do not have the courage to stand up and be counted. It is time to get out our pens and our paper, write our letters and mail them to our representatives. We must also reignite the enthusiasm of the Tea Party movement so that it can grow and prosper in our time of need. We need to select and support our new financial Winston Churchill who can lead a conservative and fiscally responsible Congress. This person is not John Boehner. It could be Paul Ryan or Michele Bachmann or any one of the conservative Republicans. John Boehner must resign now to give new leadership a chance to pull us back from the brink of financial ruin.

© 2011 Gordon Smith - All rights Reserved

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