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An irresponsible government

Published April 02. 2011 09:00AM

I didn't think the humorous stories of last week's whirlwind tour of Florida could be so easily topped, but this week's national news has managed to do so although the reaction from me and I'm sure many of you is less humor and more raw disbelief to anger.

We all moan about the bloated bureaucracy our once great republic has become and how corrupt and incompetent its agencies can be, but I never dreamed in one week there would be three stories from the President to Congress to the ATF that could illustrate how impotent and irresponsible our government can be.

The week started out with a speech by President Barack Obama about why he felt our intrusion into Libya was justified. Unfortunately within 24 hours, his speech was picked apart by the Associated Press writers Calvin Woodward and Richard Lardner. He claimed that NATO took over the lead role with us providing support to the cause. What he neglects to mention according to the authors is the United States is by far the leading player in NATO and that our capabilities outshine those of our allies making it technologically impossible for us to "take a back seat". According to the AP wire, we supply 22 percent of NATO's budget which is more than Britain and France combined.

Next, Obama cited the possibility of a massacre in Libya pressuring thousands of refugees to flee into neighboring countries as a reason for acting swiftly. Apparently things happened so fast that Obama could not bother asking Congress for permission which is the standard procedure in these cases. Our regulations only allow this kind of intervention when there is a direct threat on our nation. This was not the case. In fact his own defense secretary Robert Gates admitted this situation was "not a vital national interest for the United States."

And of course the big bombshell that is probably exploding in his face right about now was his claim that our forces managed to stop Gadhafi's forces. The exact quote is "And tonight, I can report that we have stopped Gadhafi's deadly advance." On Wednesday night, this victory switched to concern as officials are beginning to worry that the rebel forces will not be able to defeat Gadhafi's forces. Where have we heard this before?

And the coup de grace to this grandstanding is that Obama signed a finding to allow covert operations in Libya so anyone who still wants to believe that American lives will not be risked in a civil war that has no importance to us better rethink their position. So the elephant in the room is why is this President not held to even a shadow of the measuring stick that our last President was? What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

To make matters worse, we have another pompous legislator, Senator Chuck Schumer who is the latest to shove his foot squarely down his throat during a conference call this week when he revealed how disgustingly partisan and power hungry he really is. Schumer didn't realize the media were on the call ahead of time and proceeded to instruct his congressional comrades to paint the other side of the aisle as radical extremists and tea party supporters for wanting to shut down the government and cut the budget.

How many times do the American people need to hear this subversive, power hungry posturing when politicians think we aren't listening to realize almost all of them deserve to be unemployed and not running this country into the ground?

Shifting gears, have you ever seen the movie "The Mouse that Roared" or read the book by Leonard Wibberley in which a tiny country named the Duchy of Grand Fenwick decided to attack the United States hoping for a swift defeat followed by a generous amount of money to rebuild their country like the US always has done. Instead they manage to capture a nuclear weapon called a Q-Bomb that instantly brings the world to its knees.

I think sometimes we view Mexico as a Duchy and refuse to believe they are still not after the Southwest United States. The latest boneheaded idea has resulted in over 660 automatic weapons and assault rifles to be sold to Mexican drug lords under the watchful eye of the ATF. I guess we haven't learned how incompetent the planners of this agency are from Waco and Ruby Ridge to name two previous bureaucratic disasters. Their plan was to allow guns with tracers to be sold to questionable customers by two gun shops, trace the weapons to Mexico and bring down the whole ring of gun runners. Instead they managed to recover only 103 of the 769 weapons that were sold while the remainder are now in the hands of ruthless cartel members who used the guns to shoot and kill at least one border patrol officer.

It's bad enough we have to worry about our enemy being armed, but armed by our own law enforcement. I think there are officials who should be going to jail, but they won't

Til next time….

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