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What the Coaldale Complex inspection revealed

Published September 30. 2010 05:00PM

A report compiled by engineers hired by borough council to inspect the Coaldale Complex includes the following findings:

Roof: The 10-year-old roof is a concrete deck under rubber roofing. The engineers observed that there was significant cracking that would allow water to enter, but there were numerous soft spots on the rubber membrane. The chimney has missing bricks and cracked mortar joints, and the rubber roof membrane is improperly flashed to the brick on all sides. Caulk is being used as the main deterrent to allowing water into the chimney.

Exterior: The brick masonry is in fair to good condition, but the report cited several maintenance issues. If the items were not repaired, they could lead to structural problems. The issues included cracks, deteriorated steps (no longer used), loose limestone trim and an unused coal bin opening that is not properly blocked poses a safety concern.

Interior: Water damage was observed in many areas. Ceiling tiles were stained, there was mildew, plaster had fallen and steel was rusted.

Analysis: Engineers concluded the building is in "poor to fair structural condition" and that most of the damage was due to the roof leaking over many years. It appears the leaking has stopped, and that the damage was confined to a large extent to the second floor. The main structural system appears to be in fair condition.

Concrete roof support joists, which support the roof between the main structural members were seen to be deteriorated, rusted, and missing from various locations. "Without doing a detailed structural analysis, there is a concern" in corridor 28, "that a snow load could cause failure of these members."

The outside is in fair condition, with cracking caused by water expanding and contracting with temperature changes.

The first floor, they wrote, is in fair to good condition, with only minor signs of water damage.

The basement is in good structural condition.

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