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Engineers' recommendations for the Coaldale Complex

Published September 30. 2010 05:00PM

Engineers who inspected the Coaldale Complex found it to be in overall poor to fair structural condition and recommended the borough:

1. Monitor the bricks in the playground and the stone trim above the windows for movement;

2. Repoint all the miscellaneous cracks in the brick joints;

3. Place a metal coping trim above the parapet and properly flash the parapet with stainless steel flashing;

4. Replace missing bricks in the chimney, correctly flash to the roof and repoint the cracks in the mortar joints. Place a precast concrete cap on the chimney top. If the chimney is not being used, remove it down to the level of the roof and place a concrete cap.

5. The roof needs to be further investigated to determine the cause of the high and low spots at various locations. This will need to be done by removing the roof membrane and investigating the concrete slab.

6. During the next rain event, the borough needs to enter the second floor of the school and determine if the roof is currently leaking and pinpoint those locations;

7. All of the ceiling tiles in the gymnasium should be removed and the concrete arch roof joists should be individually inspected to determine the level of deterioration. Since there are missing and bulged ceiling tiles, there is the possibility of falling material or water infiltration.

8. The ends of the structural steel trusses in the auditorium should be cleaned of all debris, sandblasted and then further inspected to determine the amount of deterioration;

9. All of the concrete arch roof joists should be further investigated above the auditorium;

10. All of the plaster should be removed on the second floor and all of the structural members inspected to determine the level of deterioration;

11. If the second floor members in corridor 28 are not reinforced, there should be no one in the building during periods of snow on the roof;

12. Any wet locations of non-load-bearing Pyrobar wall units should be replaced. The water infiltration has caused these units to shift.

13. An environmental inspector should conduct an inspection of the entire school to determine if the air quality in the school is in good condition;

14. The crack in classroom 25 should be further analyzed/investigated to check for movement in that room. There were cracks on the outside of the building in that location;

15. The exterior entrance of the coal bin should be sealed off.

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