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Puppy Love

Published September 18. 2010 09:00AM

Harry and I are in Puppy Love.

A few weeks ago I told you all that Harry was getting a new Beagle puppy. We were looking for help in coming up with a name for her.

I thought I'd share with you the suggestions that I received.

Meg Carpenito of Little Gap said her son and girlfriend got a puppy and it runs so fast they named it Bullet. Meg thought Bullet would be perfect for a speedy and fast hunting dog. When I told Harry, he thought it was a great name and put it on his list.

Kristine Moyer of Tamaqua says Beagles are great dogs. She's had three: Pudgie from 1977-84; Heidi from 1984-1997; and Riley from 1997-2005. Sadly, all three died of pancreatic cancer. (I'm not telling Harry that.)

"I love dogs. All the dogs I ever had were named Skippy, Fluffy, Shannen, Gabby, Pudgie, Heidi and Riley. I had a step-golden retriever named Fetch."

Her two suggestions for our Beagle were Fetch and Zippy.

Both very appropriate names and they were added to the list as well.

The Hettler Family said that if Harry was registering her with the AKC, they usually ask for an original name.

"It can be something standard, like Emma or Lily, but with a twist. Especially if Harry wants to run her for Grand Dame of hunters.

Our beagle's name is Buddy Fifty with the AKC. Silly, we know. But when he was a puppy, he ate a fifty dollar bill. He just goes by Buddy, unless he did something naughty, then the whole name is thrown at him and he knows that he's in trouble."

They said that since they haven't met our puppy it would be hard to know what name would fit her personality.

"Every Beagle is different. If she does something that makes you think, 'Oh, that reminds me of something 'Chloe' down the street would do ... then you have a name for her. Just give it a little twist and add something funky to the end. You could call her Lily, but make her official AKC name Sassy Lily Spunk, or something kooky like that. It's just a suggestion. After having her in your home for a few days, something may just pop into your head that completely fits her and her personality.

"Good luck, and many rabbits to your new beagle."

Well, Harry made a decision.

Her name is ...(Drum roll, please) ... Sassy Sue!

He tacked on the Sue to honor me. My middle name is Susan. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have a dog named after me. The ultimate tribute. (Really?)

I tacked on Sweet. So I call her Sweet Sassy Sue.

Thank you Hettler Family for the name Sassy. And thank you to Meg and Kristine for your suggestions also.

Well, Sweet Sassy Sue arrived at her new home on Tuesday.

What a cutie!

And what a little bundle of squirms and energy! She's so funny. When she runs her silky long ears fly about. Sometimes it's like she becomes aware of them and she stops and tries to catch them.

We bought her a couple of toys. One is a furry little bunny.

Not sure how she would be her first night away from her home, her mother and siblings, Harry took an old wind up alarm clock and tucked it in her blanket. Then he laid the bunny next to it, hoping it would make her feel like she was laying next to one of her sisters or brother.

The next morning, Harry and I were astounded to see the bunny on Trapper's side of the kennel. We wish we had had a Nanny cam trained on them to see how that all transpired. She also removed the squeaker in it. We found that outside her door.

Her kennel is right next to her dad's. I had this sentimental notion that Trapper and Sassy Sue would immediately bond.

Hmmm, not quite.

We spy on them from the window and every time we look out, Trapper firmly has his back to her. She bounces up to the divider and yips at him, but he stoically ignores her. When they're both out, she wants to play and he looks like he wants to eat her.

Harry's afraid Trapper will think he's been replaced. But Trapper has nothing to fear on that count. He'll always be Top Dog in Harry's book.

We're hoping Sassy will wear Trapper down and melt his heart, like she has ours.

I don't know what kind of hunter she'll be. Oh, she is displaying a keen interest in sniffing. Her little nose is always down on the ground. But she also runs to you and wants to be held. While I love it and think it's so cute, I'm not sure how that will go over with Harry at fun and field trials or out rabbit hunting when his 20 lb. dog comes running up to him to be held!

Trapper came into Harry's life when he was already two years old. We've never had a puppy this young and it's just so much fun!

Harry says he's got a lot of work to do to train her to be the champion Beagle her father is.

Me? My job is to spoil her rotten.

That's what people do when they're in Puppy Love.

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