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Large industry in county overlooked

Published September 11. 2010 09:00AM

Dear Editor,

After reading the article on the jobless rate in Carbon County it occurred to me that there was a large industry in our county that was over looked and of course that does not surprise me. Being part of this industry I see the attitudes of people every day.

Now sit down as you read on, some may be in shock others may see red. This industry is TOURISM !!!!!! Why was this not researched as Mr. Gower was writing the article? Can anyone imagine without those dollars flowing into our area what a distressed area this would be?

Sure it's not perfect, was the Zinc Co. or Tonolli perfect? Just go back 30 years and look at the poor condition of our towns notably the downtown Jim Thorpe area.

I would like the naysayers to think about the following statements. The tourist industry directly may not sustain many families but it sure is a blessing to those people that can't find jobs or who earn extra income to support the businesses that do have good paying jobs such as the Plumbers, Roofers, Carpenters, Electricians, Painters, Masons ETC. ETC. How about the local hardware, pharmacy, grocery store, auto repair shop, doctors, lawyers would they be here for everyone's convenience if we did not have the tourist industry pump in dollars?

These are trades and businesses that gain from those tourist dollars tell them that their jobs and businesses are not needed. Here is a shocker tell all the organizations that benefit from tourist dollars through the never ending requests for donations such as Churches, Fire Co's, Ambulance services, Schools, Scouts, Animal shelters etc. etc.

I would bet that if people looked at their personal lives just about everyone is touched directly or indirectly by tourist dollars.

Take a day and walk through Mauch Chunk Park or bike ride the newly completed Trail through the Lehigh Gorge. If not for those tourist dollars would they be there for our enjoyment and a better quality of life?

Some say that our children cannot afford a home because home prices are driven up by out of towners. Well to them I say don't sell your home to out of towners sell to your kids at half the appraised value.

I can go on and on but my point should have been made.

Thank You

Mike Guy

Proud Chamber of Commerce member and local business owner

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