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Liar, liar, pants on fire

Published September 04. 2010 09:00AM

The conservative movement has awakened! We understand the issues and have done our research. Many politicians and some of the liberal pundits are unable to refute the facts. In the last few months I have noticed that these politicos have stooped to name-calling and outright lies in their attempts to hide the truth from the public. Let's use the August 28th rally as an example of the distortion.

I was proud to be among those who stood between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument on Saturday, August 28. We were at least 500,000 strong, all of us with a common purpose. We wanted to restore our country's honor and rededicate ourselves and our nation to God.

Several times during the presentations I found my eyes watering and saw other people openly crying as they were affected by the words of the speakers and the response of the people surrounding us. We stood together as citizens of a great nation and listened as the niece of Martin Luther King Jr., Glenn Beck and the Sarah Palin helped us focus on restoring honor to our country.

On the way home, as we reviewed the blogs for news of this monumental event, we heard that the participants were like members of the Ku Klux Klan. We heard that we were tired old white racists. Yes, some of us were tired. We got up early to get to DC and find seating. Some of us were old.

Many of us in the crowd were white, but all races were represented. It was not about race though; it was about our nation and our faith. I did not hear any political messages yet the blogs and news articles called it another of Glenn Beck's political rallies. All I heard from the speakers was a desire to reignite the fires of patriotism and our faith in God.

Another article I read was entitled White Fright: the Water World of Self-Pity. I did not see people on the Mall in Washington who were frightened or engaged in self-pity. I saw Americans standing together to praise their nation and their God. Rather than pity, we were standing there with joy in our hearts and tears in our eyes so thankful were we to be in the greatest nation on earth.

I heard Rev. Sharpton on radio and television make inflammatory statements about the event and Glenn Beck. Rev. Sharpton claimed that Mr. Beck was usurping Martin Luther King Jr.'s civil rights movement on the anniversary of Rev. King's "I Have A Dream" speech. Rev. Sharpton needs to know that civil rights is a responsibility of every citizen in this United States and it is not the property of any one race, be it black or white.

There are many minorities in this great land of ours, all of them have equal rights and their rights must be protected by everyone of us. Rev. Sharpton alters the truth in order to create political turmoil. On various programs on Monday evening, Rev. Sharpton was shown distorting the truth. He claimed that Mr. Beck wants a theocracy not equal rights.

I was present and heard Glenn's speech. Sharpton is clearly misguided or he is lying.

Lying seems to be popular these days. One of my favorite sound bites from President Obama is that this is the "summer of recovery." This morning, ADP Corporation announced that we again lost jobs in August. If this is the "summer of recovery" then where are the jobs? I heard Alan Colmes say that the stimulus is working; it just seems to be working very slowly. This is another lie.

The stimulus has failed! Massive amounts of money were thrown away on projects that did not create sustained employment. Much of the money is unspent, yet our government claims that more money must be allocated to the recovery. If we haven't spent the stimulus money, why would we need more?

In my opinion, they want this money to sprinkle the nation with pork-barrel projects between September and Election Day.

"Summer of recovery?"

No, I say, this is the continuation of the recession.

Let's move on to the President's speech on Tuesday night when he announced that the war in Iraq is over. If the war is over, why do we have 50,000 troops remaining in Iraq? When wars end, the troops come home.

This war is not over and President Obama knows it. He just needs to proclaim to the American public that he has kept his promise of ending the war in Iraq.

How is the President going to explain the deaths of American troops in Iraq over the next few months and years? Will they die in their sleep? Will they die in car accidents? Let's tell the truth. They will die defending Iraq, casualties of a politician's desire to lie to the American people.

Moving onto another lie, we are not racists for opposing the location of a mosque near the site of the Muslim terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. This mosque is intended to be a war memorial to the murderers who took the lives of 3000 Americans. I believe in religious freedom and want the Muslims to have their mosque. I just don't want it two blocks from the remains of the World Trade Center.

I am distressed that the City of New York has not approved the building permit for the Greek Orthodox Church that was destroyed when the Twin Towers crashed down upon it. For almost 10 years this church has tried to rebuild their facility but has not yet been given permits to do so. Yet Mayor Bloomberg and his cronies have no problem fast tracking a mosque so near to the hallowed grounds of our dead citizens.

I'm tired of all these lies that politicians are generating. We the people are not stupid. Whether our elected officials outright lie, manipulate the truth, or are guilty of the sin of omission, we know what they are doing. We are watching and come Election Day we will give them our verdict.

Last week, we Tea Partiers had a throng of 500,000 people at the Lincoln Memorial to pray for our nation. Going forward you can expect that many more of us will be caught up in the movement to reestablish our Constitution and return our nation to the goals of our founding fathers. August 28th was the beginning of the American Renewal.

Our children and grandchildren will look back and see that we were there to be counted at the reformation of our country.

Let the bloggers and the newscasters say what they wish, we know the truth because we were there.

© 2010 Gordon Smith All Right Reserved

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