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Wathching a Velcro president

Published October 30. 2010 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

It has become apparent to me that watching and listening to this Velcro presidential in preparation for your vote in November, that he is throwing everything at the wall hoping that something will stink (OOP's I mean stick.)

What really stinks is that we will not see an increase in our social security payments next year. But, rest assured that he will raise the cost of medicine part "D" as he did this year as well increase the deductible.

Once again we will have to wait until 2012 or beyond to help offset the loss in revenue we will see to break even. However their speeches on this subject and many others false and contrived. Obama has a prompt as eye level on the right and left side of his audience so while it appears to be directing his talk to you he is not and from some one else's script. While Joe "Howdy Dowdy" Biden is reading his script from scraps of paper from the inside of envelopes. They were both taught well by the best that the "nerd herd" has to offer.

So much for words spoken from the heart. In fact it was reported Obama and his wife even used a tele -prompter talking to grade school children. So where are we after almost two years in the White House? Our Velcro president is doing what he does best NOTHING! He is not managing unemployment or the crash in the housing market. He and Joe's rhetoric are nothing more than a string of platitudes made up of 15-second sound bites.

That's because that is the attention span of the voting democrats in our society that were swayed to vote for him for president. These sound bites are comprised of promises made to what he would like you to believe are to help the "common people" of our country. We are mesmerized by this false prophet speaking before the multitudes of followers as," YES WE CAN" Pelosi's proclaiming a path to the everlasting rewards in the future.

All this while the choir of our democrats in congress will sing praises of everlasting glory. YES we heard this for the last two years of this presidency. Its time to flush the toilet this election day. Its been backed up too long and it stinks. Now is the time to get the plunger from Joe the plumber you remember him.

Go for it Buffalo Bob!

See you in church Sunday

From the pen of

K Treger, Lehighton, Pa.

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