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No field of dreams

Published October 30. 2010 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

The field in Jim Thorpe is a mess. Why is this? I don't have any papers that deem me educated, but at least I have enough brains not to build over a stream. We have what we have because of some BOZO's with these so called papers.

But let's back track some! Does anyone remember the old fields both football and baseball? They were the best fields in the county! All that they needed were lights and new grandstands to make them better. Puddles were unheard of because a thing called a drainage system was applied when they were built!

The first thing done when the new construction was started, a tractor trailer was parked in the north end zone of the field, making the field unable to be played on. The new school could have easily been built around the old, GOOD fields.

Oh, but wait. The new fields will have a track where we can hold field events! Someone forgot to mention that a track must have eight lanes, instead of six that were built, for a sanctioned event.

Weren't there any plans? I guess the builders were not good at math!

I don't have papers but can still tell you the difference between eight and six is TWO.

Also another blunder, the new baseball field was built over the old tennis courts which were macadam, and guess what? The in field doesn't drain. Gee, I wonder WHY?

Common sense would dictate before building a new sports complex, you'd ask all the coaches of all the sports for their input. I know for a fact this was not done. Maybe the track coach could have informed their about the eight lanes?

The latest deluge didn't help matters. Fortunately there were a few away games that gave the field time to recover. It's too late to put in the extra lanes needed, without great expense. But something can and should be done to correct the drainage problem, I heard there were offers, and the person that does the work shouldn't need any papers, all that's needed is Common Sense!

A Native Chunker

Pete Bott

East Mauch Chunk

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