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An historic opportunity

Published October 23. 2010 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

To the voters. We are days away from the most historic election of our lifetime. The future of our nation, our freedom and our economic prosperity rely on who you cast your vote for this time around. Over the past two years, we have watched as a perfect storm of liberal policies have dragged our economy into a ditch and destroyed the principles which our country was founded upon. The time is now.

But this is only the beginning if the Democrats continue to have their way in Washington and Harrisburg. On the horizon, taxpayers are facing the largest tax increase in American history. The typical American family will see their taxes rise by an average of $1,100 while each child born today is already saddled with their own share of the $13.5 trillion national debt.

Each day the news gets worse: Democrats have had two years and each minute is worse than the last. Americans are no longer shocked, we are frustrated. As millions look for jobs that no longer exist, Democrats voted to adjourn early from Congress to save their own. There is reason to believe that better times are not gone for good.

The Republican party of Pennsylvania is offering an impressive slate of candidates. These candidates are running on a platform of fiscal responsibility, limited government and lower taxes. These candidates support policies that are an alternative to the Obama-Pelosi-Rendell agenda. The alternative being policies that will encourage job growth and help our small businesses survive and thrive in the current economic climate.

This is the strongest ticket the Republican Party has fielded in our party's history. At the top of the ticket are successful job creators Pat Toomey and Tom Corbett. Unlike their Democrat opponents, Toomey and Corbett know that small businesses and lower taxes, not massive government programs, provide real economic prosperity. Dan Onorato, Tom Corbett's opponent, said Ed Rendell was his role model and Joe Sestak, Pat Toomey's opponent, has voted with Nancy Pelosi 99 percent of the time! We need to send a message fast!

In addition to our U.S. Senate and gubernatorial races, our congressional candidate Lou Barletta is a great leader who will join Corbett and Toomey in sending that message to Washington. And in the state legislature, I am proud to humbly ask you to support Doyle Heffley in the race for 122nd State House District.

Doyle is running because he understands that Harrisburg has lost touch with the needs of Pennsylvanians. For instance, in just the past seven years alone, the state House has increased government spending by a staggering 45 percent. Even someone who doesn't follow politics has to know that this is no way to run a government. Starting local is the key to recovery and I know Doyle will to get to work bringing our voice and our values to our state government.

Republicans have the facts, plans and history on their side. Big government policies, wasteful spending, and tax increases have never led to economic growth. As we've seen, these policies only lead to stagnation, debt, and depression.

This year, we have the historic opportunity to fight for our country and save it from further economic disaster. We have the chance to rescue our children's future from bankruptcy and failure. We have the ability to send a message to President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Ed Rendell. We have the chance to take back our country, we have the chance to put forth policies that will create jobs, and on November 2nd, it starts with you!


Jeremy T. Glaush


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