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New rules and definitions for health care

Published October 16. 2010 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

Effective this third quarter, new rules have gone into effect with our health care. You know the stuff that the Obama lawmakers jammed down our gullets since our translucent congress passed the health care legislation.

We were told through the White House to be sure to check with our health care providers to see what was and when will it be covered and at what cost. In addition recently if you did not have enough coffee to dunk your doughnut in, Obama tried to satisfy your high cost of medicine with a $250 one-time rebate.

I know one company that sells doughnut holes perhaps that will help with your inflated cost. With election time is right around the corner, I would suspect Paul Kanjorski would tell you he voted for this rebate in the health care legislation. Liar! Since the law was passed by congress, I have with great interest tried to study this comprehensive 1,000-page bill. We know no one in congress read it and now we have to figure out what it means. Well look no more because I will give you an easy tutorial to figure out the terms and definitions of the bill. this will definitely cost you some money. So save this issue and talk to your congressman for clarification. I did and I'm more confused than ever.

• Artery - The study of the 495 loop around D.C.

• Bacteria - Back door to the White House.

• Cat Scan - Searching for kitty litter to bury the debt.

• Coma - A punctuation mark on your 1040.

• Enema - Not a friend in Harrisburg.

• Medical Staff - A doctor's cane and less able.

• Node - I knowed it so did Pelosi.

• Dilate - To live long to pay the trillion dollar debt.

• Rectum - Darn near killed him and the space shuttle.

• Terminal Illness - Getting sick at the Oval Office.

• Tumor - One plus one more equals Joe Biden's I.Q.

• Urine - Consider this your out Obama.

Good luck. I hope this helps.

From the pen of,

Ken Treger


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