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L'eau de Vie (The waters of life)

Published October 09. 2010 09:00AM

The clouds are dark and black, filled with vapor

The vapor transforms into drops as the particles collide

The drops turn to rain, falling to earth in a new storm of life

The rain forms a stream, rushing onward,

over the rocks and trees that often block the way

The stream joins with other streams to become a river

A baton falls into the river and flows with it

As the banks widen, the river slows as often happens in life

It lazes for a while as it has lost the joy of youth

but then the river is joined by a younger river

This river is rushing, full of life

The waters of the new river mingle with the waters of the old river,

bringing encouragement, healing and a sparkle that only youth can bring

They travel together as their thoughts and actions bond

in a sharing of visions, joy and peace

But up ahead there is a fork

Both rivers, now moving as one, can see it and they fear the breaking of the bond

At the fork, they swirl together for a last time,

sharing the joy of discovery and the knowledge of divergence

For each knows they cannot journey any further as one

At the fork, the rivers split, moving away from each other

on their separate journeys, but now, each river has a baton

The old river runs faster and deeper, charged by the joining

The younger river, filled with more knowledge, slows in its journey

until it too is joined by a new river and they share the experiences of the old river

At each fork, the batons split, each river taking one so it can

be passed on to younger streams, the knowledge accumulating along the way

The rivers flow through their lives as they journey

to their ultimate destination which is

the ocean of fulfillment, where all rivers meet again

In the ocean we are warmed by our mutual experiences

We are refreshed by the joining, we glow in the shimmering light

as the sun warms us. We turn to vapor and rise to the clouds

where we are cooled by the stars of the night sky

awaiting the birth of a new day in a new world

As we see the light, we realize we must part

We turn into tears for we know it is time to leave

The tears become rain, falling onto a parched land

where the drops join together into a stream,

and a baton falls into the waters

The stream rushes to the river

learning as it flows

and when the waters join, they are renewed

as they journey together for a while

toward the ocean of fulfillment

By Gordon Smith

© 2010 Gordon Smith all rights reserved

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