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America needs to become self sufficient again

Published November 13. 2010 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

Okay, so the Republicans now control the majority in the House of Representatives, while the Democrats still hold the majority in the Senate by one Senator. Does this mean America is now in a "stalemate", and nothing will change or move forward for the better? I think it is time for all of the politicians now in office, to forget about their political party agenda, and begin to consider the will of the people they represent in general. Their top priority should be to look at what is needed to be done in order to get America back on the right track again. They should all begin by working hard in unison to make America a self sufficient country once again. To do whatever it takes in order to influence business's to begin manufacturing products here in America, and to bring back the business's that have left American soil.

America has begun to depend entirely too much on other countries to supply our everyday necessities and we need to take care of ourselves, like America did in the old days. This was the reason America became the great country it is, and could begin to become even better. This would create the job growth needed to get people back to work, and put more money in people's pockets to spend here in America on American made products, which is a more sensible way of stimulating our economy.

Let's make sure all of these politicians work hard, and ethically for "we the people", who voted them into these high paying positions, since we pay their salaries with our hard earned taxes. I am tired of buying foreign made products, when I live and work in America, and I want to buy American standard, U.S. certified, and quality inspected products. I want to not have to worry about what I buy as being harmful to me or my family, and even my pets, because it was made somewhere else in the world cheaper.

Also, let's bring our military forces home, and station them all around the borders of America to keep out all foreign aggressions, or terrorists who want to attack our great country or foreigners who enter illegally. "United we will stand; divided we will fall," and this should be our countries motto for all true Americans. Anybody that doesn't want to go along with our policy of being united as one Nation under God is free to go find another country wherever they will tolerate them.

Furthermore, we should all want to be Americans first, no matter what our hereditary nationality may be. When living in America as an American tax paying citizen, we should want to be a patriotic American, and talk like an American, and live like an American, and be willing to defend our freedoms as free spirited Americans. Our government should only be there to lead us in the right direction, and to protect us from our enemies, but not to totally control us.

America has to stop trying to be the guardian, and police department of the world, and start being a self sufficient, more united nation with the moral principles our country was founded on, and for all of us to serve as an example for the rest of the world to follow.

John M. "Jack" Selby


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