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Time to roll up our sleeves

Published November 06. 2010 09:00AM

The election is over and the Republicans captured the Pennsylvania legislature and the House of Representatives. This victory was not a Republican win but rather it was a rout against the Democratic agenda. The efforts of the Tea Party movement made this resounding defeat a reality. Tea Party candidates from across the nation were swept into power despite negative campaign advertising by the incumbents and television comedians who ridiculed the Tea Party members. The naysayers did not believe that we were a force after the 9/12 gathering in DC. They did not believe we were a force after the 8/28 rally. Well, DO YOU HEAR US NOW?

We voted and we threw out the trash. When the United States is down, Americans come to the defense of the nation. We cannot stand on our laurels now that we are victorious. The job is just beginning. In the next 104 weeks we must ensure that our politicians do as we elected them to do. It is time for the politicians to roll up their sleeves and start doing the people's business, as the people want it done.

I could provide a long list of items we want them to accomplish. Since the list might be more than the politicians can understand, I've consolidated it into three major items.

My first item is to honor and protect the Constitution of the United States and defend our nation, as they will promise when they take the oath of office. To me, this means being present in the House and the Senate during debate, reading the bills to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises when they pass legislation, and ensuring that the intent of the legislation is communicated to the administration. As part of honoring the Constitution the members of the House must repeal unconstitutional laws including the entire Obamacare package. They must ensure that our right to choose our practitioners and our method of treatment are given back to us, not mandated by pencil pushing bureaucrats who have no vested interest in our health.

It also means they must take measures to rein in the onerous regulations that are decreed by EPA and other entities bypassing Congress. The EPA's regulation of carbon dioxide levels places an unreasonable financial burden upon industry and consumers. Not only does this increase the cost of heating our homes but it increases the cost of all petroleum, coal and fossil energy sources. We need diesel trucks to deliver our food, inexpensive gasoline to power our cars and affordable fuel to heat our homes. The EPA was the primary reason most factories and businesses moved overseas. The excessive regulation placed upon factories that employ Americans resulted in new factories being built in Asia and staffed by Asians. I believe the EPA wanted to move these factories overseas and they wanted to destroy our jobs. They succeeded!

We must restrain the EPA and other bureaucracies and force them to roll back their arduous regulations. I suggest you write your representatives and senators to let them know how you feel about the EPA and their stranglehold on the American economy. Remember the bureaucrats making these foolish rules were not elected. We are not a nation governed by overpaid and underworked civil servants. The politicians we elect govern us and it is up to our elected officials to ensure that the bureaucrats are working in the best interests of the people. This means that we will give back to the farmers in the San Joaquin Valley the water that has been shut off for the last two years to save a few smelt. I don't care about the delta smelt. If you want to preserve the smelt as a species put them in an aquarium! Open the water valves so we can grow the food we need and so our farmers can again be prosperous.

Without water they cannot grow food. Without the efforts of our farmers we will be dependent on imported food, as we now depend on imported oil.

The members of Congress must also ensure that they do not pass laws that violate the Constitution. This means throwing away legislation such as card check, cap and trade and immigration reform. Our right-to-work laws are essential to a free economy. Taxing carbon emissions is just a way for the leeches in Washington to capture more of our money so they can redistribute our wealth.

Providing amnesty to illegal aliens is insulting to the many men and women who came to this country legally, followed the rules and paid their taxes.

My next item is passing a balanced budget that does not use accounting tricks to cover up excesses. We need to ensure that the government spends responsibly without adding to the debt. In these economic times it will mean that spending will need to be cut by at least 30 percent. This can be done without impacting Social Security and disability payments as long as the politicians actually work at balancing the budget. In the past, politicians threatened to cut Social Security and welfare checks as their first and only alternative at budget cuts. This scares the voters into accepting deficits. As I mentioned in my article last week, there are many ways to downsize government without affecting these essential entitlements. Look for the waste and eliminate it. We know the politicians are skilled at attacking their opponents with negative ads. Let them use these wellhoned skills to seek out and attack government inefficiencies.

We are currently operating without a budget and are well into the new fiscal year. The politicians knew they could defer the budget and the election issues caused by the budget using continuing resolutions. This practice must stop! If the budget is not passed on time, stop paying the elected officials and their staff. Turn off their heat or air conditioning so they can suffer like the rest of us who do not do our job. We also need to ensure that the budget includes the repayment of our massive public debt. The Federal Reserve just announced that it is going to buy $600 billion of government bonds. We cannot resort to monetization of the debt as it devalues our currency. This results in long-term inflation and the erosion of our purchasing power that has a crippling effect for those on fixed incomes.

My last item is to ensure that the next session of Congress is business friendly. The excessive tax rates, onerous regulations, and an anti-business attitude are ravaging our economy. It is time for the President and Congress to get behind American business to encourage the growth and expansion we need to address our serious unemployment situation.

The people want and need to work. The government must clear the way to recapture the innovative spirit that once dominated American business. Whether it is building new solar energy factories, creating innovative products, or reinventing existing processes, the government must now be a friend of business rather than an obstacle.

The President's recent tirades against business must stop or he too will go in the next election. In the President's post election broadcast to the nation on Wednesday he stated that we must find "common ground". This sounds a lot like Adolf Hitler appeasing Prime Minister Chamberlain prior to World War II. There is no common ground when we are talking about bypassing the Constitution and destroying the American way of life.

The Republicans must hold true to the plan to restore America. We The People are not stupid. If bills are passed in the House that are good for America and blocked by the Senate or vetoed by the President we will know who is responsible and we will remember in 2012. This is not the time for appeasement. This is the time to stick to our principles and values and oppose the actions of a socialist government. The job is not over until America is restored. The Freedom Bell is tolling a warning to the politicians. Listen to us. We are watching. If you do not work for the people, you will be fired in 2012.

© 2010 Gordon Smith - All Rights Reserved

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