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Judge appoints election officials to new districts

Published March 30. 2010 05:00PM

Appointments to district election board offices in the altered election districts in Schuylkill County were named Monday by President Judge William E. Baldwin in a ruling handed down in the county court.

The number of districts in Schuylkill County were reduced beginning Jan. 1 from 167 to 125. A hearing was held recently by Baldwin in which individuals appeared in the courtroom to express interest in serving on the election boards.

Each district has an election board consisting of a judge of election, a majority and minority inspector and two clerks. The judge and inspectors are elected to their position, however, since a full board is needed for the Primary Election to be held Tuesday, May 18, vacancies which occurred when the boards were combined, eliminated or new ones made to be filled in order to operate to the fullest extent.

Baldwin stated, "Where an individual went to the trouble and expense of running for office as district election officer on one of the districts which has been changed, the court selected that person over an individual who was volunteering to serve for the first time. Where former districts were combined into new district and more than one person was elected as a district election officer, the court selected the individual with the higher vote.

"The court has no doubt that some will be disappointed with this process and the selections it produced, but it seemed to be the most objective method available. The names of all individuals who were not appointed were submitted to the director of the election bureau so that they can be considered for employments to fill-in where vacancies exist during upcoming elections." Baldwin had requested people to send letters to him if they desired to serve and received a large stack of mail.

Area boards

Appointed to vacancies on area boards were as follows:

Tamaqua - First Precinct, Grace E. Sakusky, judge of election; Marie Konstas, majority inspector and Deborah Linder, minority inspector. Second Precinct, Karl P. Smulligan, judge of elections; Darlene Skasko, majority inspector; no minority inspector. Third Precinct, Linda Yulunavage, judge of election; Mary E. Reed, majority inspector; Grace F. Faust, minority inspector. Fourth Precinct, David R. Cipko, judge of election; no majority or minority inspector. (Tamaqua was reduced from seven to four precincts)

West Penn Township - First District, Jerry E. Baker, judge of election; Erma E. Warne, majority inspector; no minority inspector. Second District, Rebecca Zehner, judge of election; George T. Frantz, majority inspector; no minority inspector. Third Precinct, Rose M. Frantz, judge of election; George T. Frantz, majority inspector; no minority inspector. (West Penn Township was increased from two to three districts).

Blythe Township - Michael M. Zembas, judge of election; Dorothy Pelachick, majority inspector; Joann M. Kauffman, minority inspector.(Blythe's Kaska and Cumbola districts were combined).

Coaldale Borough- West Preinct, Judge of Election, Melanie Christman; majority inspector, Breanna Lynn Degler and Patricia A. Vidzicki, minority inspectors.

East Union Township - Dolores T. Gius, judge of election; Joan C. Grabosky, majority inspector; Mary Shamany, minority inspector.

Kline Township - Roseann Vigna, judge of election; Lucille Martin, majority inspector; Helen Evanco, minority inspector.

Mahanoy City Borough - Second Precinct, Geralyn Klitsch, judge of election; Charlene Bolinsky, majority inspector; Joan McFarland, minority inspector. Third Precinct, Gerald A. Kufrovich, judge of election; Gertrude Kufrovich, majority inspector; Elgad Roces, minority inspector. Fourth Precinct, Terri Wassell, judge of election; Donna Setcavage, majority inspector; Allen Wirtz, minority inspector.

Rush Township - East District, Ronald Werner, judge of election; Alice Tite, majority inspector; Jeanette M. Hill, minority inspector. West District, Karen Mace, judge of election; Judith Mogish, majority inspector; Paula J. Konsavage, minority inspector. Elixir District, no officers.

Schuylkill Township - Barbara Folweiler, judge of election; Jean M. Miller, majority inspector; Elizabeth Matalavage, minority inspector.

Other areas

Ashland - First Precinct, Diane Novak, judge of election; Rose A. Taylor, majority inspector; Ruth L. Geist, minority inspector. Second Precinct, Lorraine C. McGinley, judge of election; Nancy Holden, majority inspector; Fay J. Josie Wetzel, minority inspector.

Branch Township - Elsie Davis, judge of election; Betty M. Murphy, majority inspector; Shirley A. Murphy, minority inspector.

Cass Township - South District, Helen Socko, majority inspector; Betty Jean Lazarchick, majority inspector; Barbara A.Clifford, minority inspector.

Cressona - Beverly Reppert, judge of election; Brenda S. Oliver, majority inspector; no minority inspector.

East Norwegian Township - Joan C. Brennan, judge of election; Theresa Platts Brennan, majority inspector; Mary H. Goblick, minority inspector.

Frackville - South Precinct, Mary Ann Pautienus, judge of election; Joan Morgan, majority inspector; Phyllis L. Gallagher, minority inspector..

Gilberton - Alma Osenbach, judge of election; no majority or minority inspectors.

Girardville - Margaret M. Hennessy, judge of election; Edward James Devaney Sr., majority inspector; Edna Labie, minority inspector.

Minersville - First Precincts, no officers. Third Precinct, Lorraine A. Enders, judge of election; Lorraine C. Kimmel, majority inspector; Mary Ann Pekarik, minority inspector; Fourth Precinct, Catherine Harley, judge of election; Carol Pizzico, majority inspector; no minority inspector.

North Manheim Township - First District, Arthur R. Eglington, judge of election; no majority or minority inspectors; Second District, no officers. Third District, Holli Dreher, judge of election; Annetta F. Strause, majority inspector; Rose ;Marie Hardinger, minority inspector.

Pine Grove Township - First District, Shirley A. Daubert, judge of election; Thomas E. Daubert, majority inspector; Alice M. Donmoyer, minority inspector. District Two, Joan M. Schwer, judge of election; Betty Strubhar, majority inspector; Marlene Hazen, minority inspector.

Saint Clair - North Precinct, Charlotte Shields, judge of election; William Covach, majority inspector; Caltherine Kay Washuta, minority inspector; Middle Precinct, Helen Grossman, judge of election; no majority or minority inspector; South Precinct, Michelle Gravish, judge of election; Mary Corby, majority inspector; Linda Cresswell, minority inspector.

Schuylkill Haven - North Precinct, Ruth Tucci, judge of election; Joan Sterner, majority inspector; no minority inspector; East Precinct, Leroy K. Boyer, judge of election; M. Anna Risser, majority inspector; Gerald A. Woznicki, minority inspector. South Precinct, Peggy Boyer, judge of election; Kren Wink, majority inspector; no minority inspector.

Shenandoah - Second Precinct, Donna M. Gawrylik, judge of election; Rose M. Tichy, majority inspector; no minority inspector. Third Precinct, Philip Alcaraz, judge of election; Florence Piaskowski, majority inspector; Helen F. Bereschak, minority inspector. Fourth Precinct, Joseph F. Jacko, judge of election; Mary Ann Selvocki, majority inspector; Clarie M. Jacko, minority inspector. Fifth Precinct, Linda Cieslukowski, judge of election; Mary Alshefski, majority inspector; Edmund J. Burke, minority inspector.

Tower City - Bonita D. Raho, judge of election; Mina D. Forney, majority inspector; Debra L. Welker, minority inspector.

Upper Mahantongo Township - Virginia Oxenrider, judge of election; Wanda Reiner, majority inspector; Jennifer Troutman, minority inspector.

Washington Township- North District, Arlin A. Kramer, judge of election; no majority or minority inspectors; South District, Cathy Nagle, judge of election; Irene Minnich, majority inspector; Tracey L. Krause, minority inspector.

Wayne Township - First District, Marie Umbrell, judge of election; Mary J. MacLaughlin, majority inspector; Linda J. Reading, minority inspector. Second District, no officers. Third District, Patricia A. Kemfort, judge of election; no majority or minority inspectors.

West Mahanoy Township - First District, no officers. Second District, Agnes Brennan, judge of election; Ashley Williams, majority inspector; no minority inspector.

Pottsville - First Precinct, Rose M. Popeck, judge of election; Frank S. Popeck, majority inspector; Virginia Galle, minority inspector; Second Precinct, John Jack Quirk, judge of election; Nancy F. Fink, majority inspector; no minority inspector. Third, First Precinct, Joseph M. Pahira, judge of election; Stephen F. Weiss, majority inspector; no minority inspector. Fourth Precinct, Claire D'Alio, judge of election; Sharon Botek, majority inspector; Theresa B. Sencak, minority inspector. Fifth, First Precinct, Esmeralda Issy Adams, judge of election; Mark R. Adams, majority inspector, no minority inspector. Fifth, Second Precinct, Albert J. LaPlaca, judge of election; Patricia Roos, majority inspector; Scott Hasenauer, minority inspector. Sixth Precinct, Marie Doyle, majority inspector; Mamie Resnick, majority inspector; Dorothty Ryan, minority inspector. Pottsville, Seventh, First Precinct, Roger Boyd, judge of election; Dolores Barton, majority inspector; Marjorie L. Wagner, minority inspector. Seventh, Second Precinct, Francis H. Spotts, judge of election; Peggy Dragna Jeager, majority inspector; Lucille Spotts, minority inspector.

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