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We must kill this bill

  • We must kill this bill
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Published March 20. 2010 09:00AM

This month, I attended several meetings and protests run by 912 Project, Berks Patriots and UnitePA. When I talked to other participants, some felt that their efforts are not working. Our representatives and senators simply are not listening to us. They continue to race to implement their agenda to fundamentally change our country and destroy our constitution. It is change we can count on, even though we don't want or need it.

The broadcast news media constantly bombards us with statements that health care will pass. The Cornhusker Kickback and Louisiana Purchase are necessary evils to ensure that this legislation is passed. Yes, it is very important that we collect billions in new taxes for several years before we have a single dollar paid out in benefits. That way, we can build an extra four years of revenues, so that over the following six years, we can truly say that the bill was budget neutral. Paying ten years of increased taxes for six years of coverage demonstrates to this writer that health care will ultimately bankrupt our nation.

We are told that we need to cover the medical costs of undocumented workers (illegal immigrants). These workers won't be illegal long. The new but unpublished immigration legislation will grant them amnesty so they can start the journey towards citizenship. This places them ahead of those who patiently waited for legal immigration to this country. Lest we forget, the health care legislation does not prevent government-funded abortions. We need these abortions, we are told, so that we can limit population growth and the demand that new babies will place on social services (welfare), health care, education, and eventually, social security.

This rush to pass the legislation without regard to our objections, has affected many of us. We are told that we must pass this bill, even if it is not perfect. We are constantly bombarded with news that Pelosi is gathering the votes needed to pass healthcare despite our protests and efforts. This propaganda has had its effect. Some of our members are getting tired! For over a year we have carried the torch of freedom. Our elected representatives have ignored us. The responses to our letters, faxes and emails indicate that they did not read our notes, nor did they get our message. Our protests in Washington, Harrisburg and vigils at their local offices have been ignored. Are you feeling this way? Are the politicians succeeding in wearing you down and discouraging you from further protests?

Now is not the time to be discouraged. Our efforts are working! Our representatives are pretending to ignore us and chastising and insulting our movement. Meanwhile, they rehearse their Pelosi inspired sound bites to refute our concerns and complaints. Our elected officials want to destroy our movement, so that one by one, we will give up, stop going to meetings and stop attending protests. What the politicians do not understand is that we know our constitution, we love our country and we will fight to protect our nation. We may be tired, but we will not give up. It is time to recharge our batteries to prepare us for the final push on health care. We must continue our efforts. We must be stronger so we can resist the political tricks used by those who are supposed to work for us.

I am often asked what we can do to stop the erosion of our rights. The first step is to surround yourself with others who feel as you do. There are millions of Americans who stand with us. Do not let the politicians isolate you or the conservative movement. Attend the meetings, voice your concerns, and unite with those who think as you do.

Each of us has skills that can be used to ensure that our efforts are successful. Some of us can write articles and speak at events. Others can contribute their time or fund our efforts. We need volunteers to work on committees to select and support candidates, study the constitution or protect our second amendment rights. Most importantly, we need people to attend our public gatherings whether they be protests in Washington, or the state capital. We must build alliances with people of similar mindset so our elected officials can hear our message.

Most importantly, we should pray. Pray for America and yes, pray for our President and elected officials. Our servants in Washington need guidance to ensure that they act responsibly, kill the health care bill and put Americans back to work.

As always, I appreciate your comments. Please send them to

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