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How about the American Party?

Published March 20. 2010 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

Don`t you think it would be better if elected officials thought more of their country, and its people instead of worrying if they will be elected ?

I think those who want to start over on the health bill are in the pocket of the insurance companies.

I at this time until proven wrong think the Tea Party is part of the Republican party.

They seem to think they can`t be wrong.

Let's think about the country and its people, not how we can get re-elected.

That would get you re-elected for the right reason.

It`s something how we have so many parties looking to get people elected.

Democrats- Republicans- Independent party- Tea party - Green party- now Coffee.

I have a great idea - how about the American Party?

Make it a party that throws all lobbiests out of Washington, don't even let them rent an office.

Just elect the person that can help the people and the country.

It's something how ofetn countries (Iraq) vote in the face of death.

And Americans don't even go to the polls when they should.

I remain

Robert (Ski) Siesputowski

Summit Hill

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