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Stand up and demand our country back

Published June 19. 2010 09:00AM

Sometimes things just do not make sense no matter what we do to attempt to reconcile our minds around a problem or an issue. Other times there are things we notice that stare us right in the face and yet defy logic.

One issue that defies some logic is this gulf coast oil spill. I have not followed it as closely as some people have, but there are some basic aspects I really do not understand about this whole mess. First, a massive hurricane beyond anyone's control named Katrina devastates Louisiana and Mississippi and the world is ending because it took FEMA and President George W. Bush five days to respond which is not efficient but is good when you look at things on government time.

After all, it's only taken them 234 years and they still haven't caught on that they serve the people and not themselves. In addition, everyone crucifies that administration because Louisiana wasn't ready, but no one points a finger at the morons in Louisiana who grafted all the money they were given to fix their levees in the first place.

Now several years later, we have an oil spill in the gulf caused by another company of misfits acting on the regulations or lack of them who built a deep oil well without a thought of what might happen if disaster struck. What kind of disaster? Maybe a platform blowing up and breaking the well causing a spill.

Is BP at fault? Of course it is. Those geniuses should have had a disaster plan before they were allowed to create a well, but they aren't the only ones at fault.

Our over regulated, bloated, bureaucratic, red tape laden government is just as guilty as the oil company is if not more so. After all, there are government regulations for everything anymore. If our leaders were brought up on charges for violating the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution, there would be no one left to run this country. So someone please explain to all of you and to me how this bureaucracy allowed BP to do this in the first place.

It seems to me anymore I cannot dig a hole or plant a tree without having to comply with some kind of law, yet BP was able to build an oil well that drilled thousands of feet into the bottom of the ocean and the government had no regulations to govern its safety? Keep dreaming. The government and the President Barack Hussein Obama are just as guilty in this mess as BP is. I don't even have to go to the length of pointing out Obama's willingness to aggravate the situation by refusing outside assistance.

I could be wrong, but if the government is going to regulate how my chicken is classified and what goes in my toothpaste, then I have a hard time believing they didn't stop to think that a damaged oil well might cause a problem. I also have a hard time believing the well was constructed and opened without one word from some government agency. All I see is a fickle vocal minority who refuses to hold the current president to the same level of accountability to which they held the past president for a natural disaster and not a man-made preventable one.

The kicker to this whole situation is this naïve president is advancing his own personal agenda at the expense of this country by wanting a moratorium on drilling which will force the Cap and Trade bill forward and cause the citizenry more grief by directly and indirectly moving more of us into the poor house. Every move made by our government the past several years going back to the previous administration has not been for the good of the people. It's been for power. It won't end until you and I stand up and demand our country back.

One last point that makes me wonder is what would be the case if this oil spill was caused by an earthquake instead of a stupid government failing to oversee an even dumber company. Who would be held accountable then? I suppose Obama would be demanding Mother Nature, God or some supreme being to clean up the mess and just stand by until they do.

Obama is no better than Bush and FEMA. He has done nothing but point fingers and criticize for the last 47 plus days. He has not shown the traditional American spirit of brotherhood and has not pitched into help and neither have his liberal friends. We can raise money for Haiti, but when our own people are suffering no one is rushing to assist them.

Instead we use it to crucify Big Oil, without whom incidentally, there would not be plastics, gasoline, modern manufacturing and electronics. But who am I to judge?

Til next time…

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