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In harm's way

Published June 02. 2010 05:00PM

I just read that the President has decided to send 1,200 unarmed National Guard troops to our southern border.

Their job will be to review intelligence.

Meanwhile we have illegals streaming across the border, killing ranchers, farmers and police officers. They are kidnapping American citizens at a record rate.

The Mexican drug lords know how to move their product into the United States using heavily armed and vicious "soldiers". If you are a rancher or a farmer, and they cross your land, you cannot interfere or call the authorities. If you do, you will be killed and your family could be harmed. Our response is to send 1,200 unarmed National Guards into this maelstrom! Has President Obama lost his mind?

What we need are 10,000 armed soldiers and border patrol, with drones, humvees, tanks, aircraft and artillery to defend the border. We need to actively monitor border crossings and arrange for an armed response and capture. If they fire at us, we should be able to fire back, with deadly force.

We need to use our technology, whether it is satellites, ground penetrating radar, prepositioned sensors and lasers to identify the illegals coming across. If they are using tunnels, lets find them and flood them. If they use low flying aircraft, lets force them to land or shoot them down. If they use trucks, lets surround them with overwhelming numbers, capture them and confiscate their vehicles.

I know there are many reading this commentary that think I am going too far. I suggest they visit Tucson and walk along the border at night. They can visit a few neighborhoods in Phoenix I can recommend. Arizona is an open carry state, so I suggest they go armed and be prepared to defend themselves. Otherwise they wil become another statistic.

Our country is under attack. We need to defend it now. Every day we wait gangs like M13 (read this reference to the end: will spread their rein of terror across our nation. We need to protect our borders. We should be prepared to respond with deadly force if required. We should engage the drug lords and defeat them before it is too late.

By Gordon Smith


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