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Lame ducks become busy beavers to ram through legislation

Published July 24. 2010 09:00AM

Be careful what you pray for, as your prayers could be answered in mysterious ways. When Hilary was running for President, I prayed hard every day that she would not be selected as the democratic candidate. I did not like the Clinton/Kennedy dynasties and thought we needed to disband them. My prayers were answered and she was defeated. God, in His wisdom, gave me Obama. My prayers were answered in a way that has me praying daily for the restoration of our country.

As the November elections approach, I found myself praying that the Democrats will be voted out of office. Upon reflection, I decided to look at the down side of a Democratic defeat. Suddenly, I had a revelation. If the Democrats lose their majority in the house and/ or the senate, then we must expect the worst. The Lame Duck session after the election, but prior to seating the newly elected members, will be turned into the Busy Beaver Session. The only option for the Obama Administration, should they lose power, is to rush through their legislative agenda before the new congress is seated.

This means we will have many middle-of-the-night votes for things like Cap and Trade (renamed the American Energy Act) that will cripple what is left of our manufacturing industry, raise energy prices and ensure that we are dependent on foreign oil indefinitely. The administration, in my opinion, is in bed with OPEC on this. Rather than developing our own reserves as I mentioned in a previous article, the administration wants to purchase peace from (bribe) the oil rich nations of the Middle East and even the anti American Venezuela by purchasing their oil. OPEC has applied the mini-max pricing rule to their oil. This means charging the highest price possible, while minimizing the risk of lower consumption. The Arab nations learned during the last oil embargo that if they charge too much, we would go into an economic tailspin. This will not only reduce the overall price of oil, but it will decimate their massive investments in American stocks and real estate.

The next priority will be passing the immigration legislation so that the criminals who have entered our country illegally can be pardoned and given green cards. If the democrats lose the majority, I expect a quirk in the new law to give them credit for the years the lived in the United States as "undocumented workers". This will enable some of them to become citizens in August of 2012 so that they can vote in the 2012 elections. Needless to say, this act alone will ensure a 2012 victory and create another American political dynasty.

After immigration, I expect that they will ensure that taxes on the working middle class are increased. This includes the widows who will have their dividend taxes increased, hurting the people that need them most. Along these same lines, this week several people on Medicare or Medicaid have told me that treatments that were previously paid under the government plan are no longer covered. A disabled veteran who requires very expensive medication to survive has had his biweekly-required procedure dropped by the government. He cannot turn to the Veterans Administration hospitals as they also do not cover them. The early ramifications of ObamaCare have shortened his lifespan, possibly to a few weeks or months. This is how we now reward our veterans for serving their country, by putting a price on their heads.

Card Check (misnamed the Employee Free Choice Act to hide its real intent from the public) is also expected to pass in the Busy Beaver session. This bill takes away one of the most important hallmarks of a free society, the right to a private vote. Under Card Check, union organizers will force a public vote for unionizing workers. The workers will be required to place their votes in a public venue, while being cajoled, or even threatened by their coworkers and the union organizers. After our right to vote has been stripped from us in the workplace, will they proceed to limit our private votes in our polling booths? Removing the freedom of choice in any election will lead to the communist style voting systems of the old Soviet Union. "Yes comrade you can vote for anyone you chose as long as it is the "Anointed One"".

The Busy Beaver session, should my nightmare become reality, will change America forever and lead to the destruction of our Republic as we know it. But what happens if the Democrats retain their majorities in the House and the Senate? I expect the same bills will be passed but the time frame will be from December through to March. This will free up the Congress to work on other bills intended to reelect Obama in the 2012 Presidential Elections.

I ask you to be careful what you pray for. Please pray for our great nation, our Republic and the restoration of the constitution. I do not see a downside to God answering our prayers as long as we do not overly focus on eliminating the Democratic majority.

© 2010 Gordon Smith, All Rights Reserve

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