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Reverse discrimination is rampant in our society

Published July 17. 2010 09:00AM



The NAACP passed a resolution Tuesday night declaring that the Tea Party had racist elements. As I member of the Tea Party movement, let me say that I am not a racist and those who protest beside me are not racists. Based on my observation, I believe that the NAACP has their fair share of racists. These racists, while black, discriminate against white people who work hard, pay taxes and support the Constitution. Reverse discrimination is rampant in our society. When my daughter applied to college, she had to have higher grades than minorities to gain admission. Minorities are given additional credits in the admissions process, as the universities must be diverse. In this process, race is valued over knowledge.

I know several people who've applied to be police officers that were told in the hiring process that they would not be hired. The department must hire minorities so they can meet their racial quotas. In talking to several members of the business community in my area I understand that they are required to give preference in hiring to minorities. All of this is discrimination and it is wrong!

Our Constitution gives all men and women exactly the same rights. Discriminatory practices are wrong whether they are applied against Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Christians, or Caucasians. In the news recently, I heard that the Justice Department is no longer prosecuting cases where blacks discriminate against whites. I also saw video of New Black Panther Party members talking about killing crackers (Caucasians) and their babies. I watched them blocking access to the polls in the last election. This organization actively discriminates against the working white people who strive to make this country better. If I, or any of my brethren said or did these things, we would be arrested, tried and convicted. This country should not have two versions of law, one for minorities and one for the majority. We have one law and we have one system of justice for all. That is what the Founding Fathers created in our Constitution.

When I pick up a sign to protest against higher taxes, government spending, and political gerrymandering, I am called a racist. If a Black or Hispanic protests, their protest is justified. When members of the Tea Party protest, we are conscious of our trash, pick it up, and leave the grounds cleaner than when we found them. Just look at the pictures after the last 9/12 March versus the Million Man March. Clearly, Tea Party members protest quietly, respect the laws and do not destroy the grounds with trash.

On Cinco de Mayo I do not fly the American flag upside down nor did I fly the flag of another country. I read a news story about a student on Cinco de Mayo who wore an American patriotic T-shirt. He was sent home from school because his T-shirt might create an incident. He was chastised for being a proud American, while other students were celebrating the holiday of a foreign country. Some of them may have been illegal, while others trashed our country and our values. Tell me who will make a better citizen? I'd vote for the youth with the patriotic American T-shirt. Why was he singled out? Obviously our schools are filled with socialist teachers and principals who do not value our wonderful Constitution and the rights that it gives to each and every citizen regardless of race, color or creed.

In the last few weeks, I noticed that a Christian family was executed because they were Christian in a Muslim country. In another headline an Iranian woman was sentenced to death by stoning. Reading these articles reinforced my love of the American justice system. We are not killed for our religion nor is the death penalty carried out in such a torturous manner. In the last two years though, our justice system has degraded. Our police are now afraid to use their weapons for fear they will be jailed for manslaughter or murder. This makes it very difficult for the police to do their job, protect our citizens, and protect themselves. When I watched the riots in Oakland California recently, I saw rioters plunder stores, burn vehicles and destroy part of the business community. In the past, we would have used fire hoses, tear gas, and if lives were threatened, even guns to protect the property of the taxpayers. This is no longer socially acceptable. As a result, gangs of thugs are able to roam our streets, while the police stand by and attempt to contain the damage. In my opinion, the thugs were racists who believed that they had the right to destroy or steal the property of others.

When we discriminate or reverse discriminate against any race we are violating the core belief of Americans. When the Department of Justice condones people who block the polling booths and encourage the murder of our fellow citizens, then our rights have been infringed. It is time for this federal government and all agencies within it to stop discriminating against any citizen whether they are Christian, Jew, Atheist, White, Black or Hispanic. It is time for our corporations to hire based on capabilities not on skin color. Discrimination in any form cannot be tolerated. We are all created equal and we are blessed to be in a country where there is justice and freedom for all. Each of us must be ever vigilant to ensure that these rights are protected and preserved for future generations.

© 2010 Gordon Smith All rights Reserved

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