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Outdoor Channel program anchored by FOXPRO staff

  • Outdoor Channel program anchored by FOXPRO staff
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Published December 31. 2010 05:00PM

LEWISTOWN During the past decade, those who view outdoors-related programs on television have seen a perceivable increase in episodes dealing with predator hunting.

Now, just like one of those all-Zeppelin-all-the-time satellite radio stations, The Outdoor Channel has launched a program with an-all-predator-hunting-all-the-time theme for a 15-week run.

Given the popularity of the sport, the decision is no surprise, and given the reputation FOXPRO High Performance Game Calls has earned, it is no surprise that pro-staff members from the Lewistown-based company have been selected to anchor the program.

"FOXPRO Fast & Furious" made its debut Thursday at 7 p.m., on The Outdoor Channel, with reruns of each week's episode Sundays at 1 a.m. and Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. FOXPRO general manager and CEO Mike Dillon is the weekly host and is joined by company marketing manager Abner Druckenmiller.

"We made sure that we covered all sections of the country," Druckenmiller said. "No one can say we didn't cover their backyard, including one hunt that was filmed locally.

"Our goal was to shed a brighter light on predator hunting and what it's all about. We believe we accomplished that, and there are episodes that feature rifle and shotgun hunts."

According to a spokesman from The Outdoor Channel, "FOXPRO Fast & Furious" is one of 18 new programs that it is debuting in January, and choosing FOXPRO was an easy choice because of the reputation the company has built since being founded more than 15 years ago by John Dillon, Mike's father.

For that reason, the channel's programming staff felt it was imperative to have native Pennsylvanians from within the company to host the program.

In an industry-wide release promoting the program, the channel stated: "Growing up in Pennsylvania, Mike honed his skills as a young hunter mastering the backwoods of Pennsylvania.

He brings a fresh perspective on predator hunting and is always developing new methods, new techniques and testing his skills in the field.

"Abner is a highly enthusiastic hunter and he is representing a new generation of hunters with an unquenchable thirst for all things hunting and an incredibly upbeat view on all situations. As a hunting companion, he can turn your worst hunting experience into the fondest memory."

In deciding to be the first with an all-predator hunting show on television, The Outdoor Channel with it to be a fast-paced, action-packed educational and inspirational outdoors show that focus on the best predator hunting adventures in North America and beyond.

"FOXPRO Fast & Furious" shows predator hunting is intense, that there is never a dull moment, and in addition to the hunting action provides tips about calling, scouting, stand setup and gear.

Each episode will showcase some of the most beautiful landscapes and locations in search of outstanding predator hunting.

In keeping with the high standards of outdoors programming on The Outdoor Channel, an award-winning team of writers, producers and videographers combined their talents to engage the audience and tell a story that encompasses the entire hunting adventure that will appeal to the hardcore predator hunter to the casual hunter seeking additional adventure after the fall seasons.

Druckenmiller said an all-predator hunting television program is truly a breakthrough for the sport and the entire staff and management of FOXPRO considers it an honor for the brand to be associated with the program.

It certainly shows how far the company has come since the days when John Dillon started the business by working out of his garage, eventually moving into the basement of his home and then to its present 4,500-square foot facility.

Between the years 1993-2000, FOXPRO went from a single-man operation, to Mike and Steve Dillon joining their father to a business that now employees approximately 40 people.

Today, products are sold worldwide and are not just limited to predator hunting community, as on numerous occasions the company has been contacted by universities and government agencies to build custom units for their specific needs.

FOXPRO has also worked with the U.S. Armey Forces, oil refineries and many other businesses and organizations. It is the goal of the company to continue to develop new cutting edge products well into the future.

For information on FoxPro calls and products, access the website at, call (717) 248-2507 or e-mail sales@

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