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President lying is a lot more important

Published August 28. 2010 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

I'm a little confused about what is going on with Roger Clemens and HIS Grand Jury.

It is being said that because he alledgedly lied to the Grand Jury about taking steriods (none of our business) that he is facing like a million years in jail and a gazillion dollars in fines...I was just wondering if this is the same Grand Jury that Slick Willy Clinton lied to about having sex in the White House, which he later admitted to having done, therefore making him a liar to a Grand Jury.

Again, this was only the business of his wife and family but the question WAS asked and OUR PRESIDENT did lie.

I think that a President lying to his country is a lot more important then a former pitcher lieing about taking drugs. I think pro baseball players should be able to take whatever drugs they want cause, afterall, fans DO love a lot of home runs and 100 MPH fastballs and obviously some people don't care about drugs in America anyway.

Just look at the people balking about their kids being tested for drugs in school. If I had a school aged child I'd be screaming if my kid WASN'T tested for drugs when others were. Your thoughts America!!!

Jesse Hiles, Lansford

Baseball Fan and illegal drug HATER

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