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Creativity and it's role with environmental design

Published August 28. 2010 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

Creativity's theoretical and aesthetical foundations are the basis of our country's design structuring, controlling environmental change. New changes are being done by a corrupt system within the Government. Established theoretical and aesthetical values are changed in keeping with the goals of the present Victorian system. Many individual and human rights are placed at risk as a result of unpredictable outcome. This is wrong. It needs change.

Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) presently has a project under way in the Borough of Jim Thorpe. The project involves in home oil hot water heating system in owner's home for installation of projectory backflow value at the homeowners expense and a water meter. The backflow value is to prevent the possibility of water backflow into the public water system. This should prevent public water contamination. Community members attending the meeting were outraged by this action. Risk was identified with the suggestion DEP should be made accountable for their action.

A call was placed to the Office of State Congressional Representative Kanjorski, whose office advised contacting the United States Department of Agriculture - Rural Development for resolution of problem. USDA-RD phone number was provided for Borough contact.

DEP was originally empowered by Government as a conservation agency for environmental protection and safety. Now under Government influence seemingly favor industrial and financial institutions at the expense of social harmony and human aesthetic values of morality. This causes conflict between Government and Communities ...

We are now in the 21st century, a time of decreasing trust in public institutions, increasing concern over the environment, and conflict between Community and Government. Also Community interest groups are engaging in conflict with Government over such regulation reform as the Green Wedges Legislation. The natural as opposed to the built environment.

Appreciation of the environmental remains in the constructed culture of art and literature were environment exists as an artifact or art by default. New shifts in environmental aesthetics is being challenged by the way art in general is interpreted. This is potentially a new way to view all art.

In conclusion: In my opinion the environmental crisis is a problem created by a corrupt system that is changing environmental development policy without addressing the CAUSE. This disconnection is cause for a gap to exist. Policy is the ability to turn principal into action and can address the existing policy gaps. Congested urban areas (cities) are out of kilter with the rural environment under jurisdiction of USDA - Rural Development.

State Government initiates such projects as The Green Wedge legislation, which reflects community demands that explore comparison between natural environments and built environments. Contemporary life is played out on the arena of the built environment.

Environmental inappropriate action and political corruption need justifying. Thank you.

Kathleen Jones

Jim Thorpe

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