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Isn't protecting health also a duty?

Published October 05. 2009 02:55PM

How odd, hearing members of our right wing government shouting talking points to the unwise, like," It's not the government's responsibility to be in the business of health care," or "this is socialism and will be a government takeover of healthcare," " and healthcare is not a right it's a privilege! "

I especially think when they say, "the government can't handle any business efficiently ", they are either ill informed or intentionally misleading the public.

To all of you who have taken any basic government course, you will recall that the first duty of government is to protect its citizens. With that duty the United States government has developed and managed the best Marine Corp., Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, FBI, CIA, missile defense and all other components of national defense in the world. I think it's fair to say that our government has fulfilled that first duty and managed the business of that protective duty very well. Although some of our engagements had questionable motivations our armed forces performed commendably.

While if it's understood that protecting citizens is the first duty of government, doesn't protecting the health of its people also become a duty? Isn't protecting the health of its people as important a defense as protecting its borders (which is one area we're neglecting)? imagine how readily important it becomes when disease epidemics threaten a nation and spread throughout the world killing millions as it passes. The killer disease is just as dangerous as any invading enemy. I hope the citizens of our great nation rise to this issue and understand that healthcare to protect our nation is the duty of our government and not a privilege for only those who are insured. Ill health is an enemy of all people, and all need to be collectively engaged in this war against humanity.

Carl Fazio


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