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Published November 28. 2009 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

Mr. Urban, read all your columns and can relate to them. I'm 82 years of age and here are some of my thoughts!

About 60 years ago, I and many others stopped at a spring to fill two or three gallons of spring water. How stupid of me, I could have started a business years ago selling water. Would you believe it, buying water?

Going through a grocery aisle, I observed a 50 foot line both sides of line selling cereal, all with cereals that had a big heart stamped on "helps control cholesterol." When I was a kid growing up we had puffed rice, puffed wheat, corn flakes, wheaties, and oatmeal, now we have hundreds of cocoa puffs, chocolate coated bite size mini wheats, all the kids favorite sugar coated goodies that help control high cholesterol and diabetes with, of course, exercise and proper diet! If you want strawberries on top, just a of a cup, how do you measure a cup strawberries?

Living alone and relying on public transportation I get an appointment to see my doctor at 10 a.m., I am 20 minutes late because public transportation is late and the girl says "we'll try squeezing you in some time today." Four days later I'm on time for a 9 a.m. appointment but "since doctor had an emergency" and "we're running late," it may be a two-hour delay!

When I was about 7 years old, my grandmother sent me to Kern's Market for three pounds of ground meat, now we have ground sirloin, ground round, and many others in 70 percent fat free, 80 percent fat free, 90 percent fat free, in cute little containers. My grandmother, bless her soul, would roll over in her grave, also when I bought soup meat. "Don't forget the bone" she would say! Now you must buy the bone, completely stripped of any meat.

Ever take notice where the lowest food prices are located, not at eye level, "down below," where if you're 80 or 90 years old you could never get up after you bend down.

When you read items of sports from other states, they still refer to Penn State as Linebacker U. Jerry Sandusky was coach of Linebacker U. hoping to maybe become head coach. He finally realized Joe Pa was never leaving. He enjoys getting out and working with the young guys, play at home with your grandkids so they know who you are! Stop talking about Joe Pa's 500 plus wins over "Old Maryland" N.C. State, Boston College, Syracuse, and Toledo! Give me the low down of wins over Ohio State, Michigan, Alabama, etc. Don't' get me wrong, I am 100 percent Penn State, but it's time for a chang! Notre Dame is ready to fire another coach, guess there is more pride among the Alma Mater or maybe their coaches can't donate millions of dollars back to their university.

Here are a few notables you might have heard of, George Blanda, John Unitas, Jim Kelly, Charlie Trippi, Joe Montana, Joe Namath, Dan Marino, John Lujack, none playing at Penn State but all from Pennsylvania! These are only a small group of many. Wow! How could I forget Ohio State sophomore who just ran all over Penn State, Terrelle Pryor, Pennsylvania boy!

One more pet peeve. Why is it that when a former ballplayer becomes a sports announcer Tim McCarver my number 1 in this category No. 1 being the worst! Why then do they want to be officials and coaches? They call plays safe when the umpires call them out, or vice versa. A coach makes a bad decision when it back fires. Everyone has their opinion, so forget it and move on.

Thank you,

Paul J. Martin


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