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A day to remember

  • The Hausers at the Eagles game.
    The Hausers at the Eagles game.
Published November 28. 2009 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

Marianne Hauser of Lehighton recent won tickets to the NFL game that Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys on Nov. 8, from the Pennsylvania lottery, second chance drawing.

Richard Hauser, her husband, and Marianne both saved losing tickets from the lottery instant games "Eagles" and she was selected a winner, winning two game tickets, two pre-game sideline tickets, and parking.

The trip was fantastic, the game was great and even better for Marianne, she is a Cowboy fan, and the look on her face said it all when Dallas Cowboys defeated the Eagles 20-16.

We were never to an NFL football game and going to one was so much different than watching television. Marianne got to watch her team beat the Eagles. Truly a time we will never forget, the crowd cheering their team, the "boos" and the "yays" and stomping on the stands, well it was just unforgettable and awesome.

We both got to stand on the sidelines for the pre-game, and wow! It was more than fantastic, it was awesome! Being so close to the players as they entered and exited the locker room to practice. We took over 150 pictures.

And when both teams entered the field for practice it was unreal to watch. Then the cheerleaders, whoa boy. It was too much!

We did meet one celebrity, Danny Bonaduce, we all know him of course as Danny Partridge of the Partridge Family TV show from the 70s. I talked to him for a few minutes about the Eagles, and my wife Marianne got to get a picture taken with him. All in all, we had a terrific time, and if you ever have a chance to go to any game, go! You will have the time of your life. No matter if it is your team or not. Richard is a Giants fan, been a Giants fan all his life and the Eagles stomped all over them the week before the Dallas game. Sorry Eagle fans, but Dallas won. The best part was Marianne watching her team win. She really had a great time.

Marianne says "Go Cowboys!" Richard's second team in the NFL are the Philadelphia Eagles.

Way to go Pennsylvania lottery. If it wasn't for the lottery we would never have been able to go to any NFL game.

Marianne and Richard Hauser


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