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Santa Claus & The Belsnickel

Published December 23. 2009 05:00PM

The night before Christmasis very near

but creatures are stirring,even the mice.

All quiver in fear, causeBelsnickel soon will be here

What? - What happened to Santa Claus? What happened to sugar-plumb fairies,sweets and spice?

And who's this Belsnickelfellow?

He's neither jolly nor mellow

Belsnickel gets children who are naughty, not nice

His glaring stare is colderthan arctic ice

He comes before Christmasand carries a switch

This Belsnickel fellow sounds more like a Halloween witch

Does this script havesome kind of glitch?

No carrot at Christmas, only the stick?

Must Christmas come with some kind of hitch?

None of this Belsnickel stuff say the kids today

Just give us our giftscause we want to play

Winter's no time to beout making hay!

In trampy brown knickers,a coat and a cap

Belsnickel comes to each house following his map.

His gray beard flowing over his tattered old scarf

He carries a switchto help with his part

To get your attentionhe'll jingle his bell and scratch at your door

To lower your guard he'llscatter peanuts, oranges and treats on your floor

When you pick up your treat

He'll switch at your feet

Before Christmas sunhe'll come just one more time if you're good

To leave nice gifts under your tree as you hoped he would

That's the Belsnickel;he's nasty but nice

Du besser bischt gudt,der Belsnickel kumpt!

Well kids have no fear

Belsnickel hasn't been seen very near for many a year.

These days it's usually Santa who comes around here

Michael Vianello C 1991 - Revised 1993, 2003

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