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An experiment in human health

Published December 12. 2009 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

Information regarding the risk of the swine flu vaccination as well as all other vaccinations has been kept to a minimum as the media, local officials and indoctrinated health care workers recklessly move forward with this very dangerous experiment in human health.

First off, our immune systems provide the best defense against infection, so therefore it is very important to keep our immune systems healthy. There is no system in the body that strengthens without challenges, especially our immune system and being exposed to viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew are not only to be expected, they are necessary. When TH1 cells get involved in fighting viruses etc., we have lifelong immunity. An example is of this type of lifelong immunity is shown once we acquire Chicken Pox. By vaccinating do we give our bodies a chance to develop this lifelong immunity? And, do vaccines really help our immune systems fight off viruses etc.?

There are no clinical trials on the current swine flu vaccine, so we have no way of knowing in this regard, but let's start by investigating how vaccines are produced to see if we can find our answer. In the first step of creating a vaccine, the virus is taken from the feces, urine, blood or puss of an infected human or animal. The small pox virus, for instance, comes from the puss of an infected cow.

Note: H1N1 Influenza A is a combination of bird, swine and human flu and is not naturally occurring. Next the virus is grown on toxic mediums such as decomposing monkey kidneys (where the SV 40 virus was discovered), baby hamster kidneys or aborted human fetal lung tissue (the MMR vaccine) (injecting DNA from one human into another is a form of cannibalism). Once grown, the virus is inactivated with substances like formaldehyde or other agents like aluminum. The toxin formaldehyde is used to preserve cadavers and aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer's disease.It should also be noted that some vaccines like the swine flu nasal vaccine contain the live virus.

Do you think there will be more or less cases of swine flu with children inhaling the live virus directly up their noses? Also, formaldehyde was added to the polio vaccine in the 1950's to inactivate the SV 40 virus (a cancer causing virus discovered in the kidneys of infected rhesus monkeys which were used as the medium for the polio vaccine), yet the SV 40 virus remained active. Most individual vaccines are not tested to see whether the virus is active or not. Also, thimerosal, made by Eli Lilley Co., is sometimes used as a stabilizer, preservative and sterilizer.

Thimerosal is an organic mercury compound (roughly 49 percent mercury by weight) and mercury is toxic to the human body. There has been very little, if any testing on the effects of Thimerosal on humans but pregnant women are advised to not eat tuna fish because of its trace amounts of mercury.

Mercury poisoning causes retardation, cerebral palsy and seizures in children who are exposed to it before birth and toxic metal poisoning is linked to Autism and all of its variations (Aspergers, Rhetts (female autism) ADD, ADHD as well as others). In an effort to calm the public regarding the effects of Thimerosal, Thimerosal has been removed from some of the swine flu vaccines. The problem is the effect of moving Thimerosal from the vaccine is not known either. For example, will the vaccine be less sterile or more unstable?

In general, all substances in vaccines are unnatural, synthetic, immune suppressing and/or carcinogenic. We bypass the normal method of exposure (the mucous membranes) when we vaccinate (by injecting into the muscle) and we also change the natural timing of how and when we are exposed. Injecting vaccinations into the muscles also trigger TH2 cells to be produced which do not provide life long immunity to the virus that is also injected. I therefore think it can be deduced that vaccines work against the body in providing immunity to disease and are quite possibly causing us to acquire and spread the very viruses they are supposed to prevent along with creating other long term side effects that remain to be seen.

Gene Duffy

Jim Thorpe

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