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A burden on Americans

Published December 12. 2009 09:00AM

Dear Editor:

Why don't you publish, post or report on articles about the "Global Warming" scam that is being pushed on the American public?

The debate is certainly NOT over and the "facts" from the global warming community are certainly in doubt. Now we are finding out that some of the "global warming research" facts have been falsified in order to support their agenda. We are not getting the truth.

I want the whole story and the media seem to only present one side of the argument while attempting to unfairly discredit the other side.

The cap and trade bill will be a burden on all Americans, rich and poor. The rich will be able to handle it, the poor may be devastated by it.

This bill will hurt our nation and send even more jobs overseas. We can not let a bill pass that is based on junk science.

Doug Lucich


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