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2 men arrested for putting KKK hoods on Confederate statues

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    This undated photo provided by Raleigh/Wake City-County Bureau of Identification shows Enzo Niebuhr who was arrested Sunday April 21, 2019, on charges that he and another person defaced a Confederate monument in Raleigh, N.C. (Raleigh/Wake City-County Bureau of Identification via AP)

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    This undated photo provided by Raleigh/Wake City-County Bureau of Identification shows Jody Anderson who was arrested Sunday April 21, 2019, on charges that he and another person defaced a Confederate monument in Raleigh, N.C. (Raleigh/Wake City-County Bureau of Identification via AP)

Published April 22. 2019 10:40PM

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Police say they arrested two people who climbed and placed Ku Klux Klan hoods on statues at a Confederate monument in North Carolina.

News outlets report that Enzo Niebuhr and Jody Anderson were detained Sunday during a protest near the North Carolina Women of the Confederacy monument. The monument is in the capital of Raleigh near the Statehouse.
Police said Niebuhr and Anderson are charged with defacing a public monument and disorderly conduct. The reports did not say whether the two have attorneys who can speak on their behalf.
The news outlets quote the "Smash Racism Raleigh" group as saying that its members were holding a peaceful protest to provide context about the history of the statues. The group says Niebuhr and Anderson shouldn't have been arrested.

The new norm? Is it "men", or "two people", hard to say?
With certainty, I'll call them Democrats... Yup!
You perceive my comment as hate... There in lies the problem with America. It's not hate, not hate speech, not even a comment of anger, just a comment. You just seem to nit pick. It must be your job?
Hmmm, given all you do on these boards is spew hate toward democrats, calling these individuals democrats is pretty hateful no?

Give up the tribalism Mike. Jesus didn't categorize people like you do. He didn't draw lines. He accepted all. You accept a few. Get with the program.
What's [Sun"Tzu] mean?
I'm not acting, I'm commenting. I only know what I see, experience, and am taught.
A red blouse and matching lipstick on a man, in my world, indicates a liberal mind sits behind those flaming red lips.
I'm growing tire of all this division in America from people like him.
Take this as an example...
The National Guards of three states will not comply with the Trump administration's ban on transgender troops serving in the armed forces. Like it or not, according to law, Trump is the Commander In Chief, and was elected by law. Democrats are the ones who "Resist" everthing Trump. That way of Legislating is destroying us.
The selfishness of the folks, who want to change (pervert) what God created, is not only dividing our government, but it is now dividing churches.
If these folks want to dress up, let them... fine, but that's never going to make them happy. Don't you see how hard it is to keep that queer train on the straight tracks?
Besides all that, what difference does it make as far as what Party they are to you? Convicted?
These guys would be great capitalists. If you can climb a monument with a KKK hood in one hand and a can of spray paint in the other, you can make a lot of money as a tree trimmer! What talent!
They have no interest in contributing. These type of people are takers, not makers. Besides, it would be difficult to climb trees in a dress. Arrest them, and make the fine one which they'll not forget.
I want to hear comments pertinent to the story. You took the approach of ridiculing the people in the story on the basis of appearance in a picture. Not WWJD
You hear things on the radio, here, reading is a must. As far as the content of the story? Who cares why a KKK attire would be placed on a statue, as much as, what kind of nut does it.
Apparently, Joe, this “tribalism” you speak of is anything you disagree with. You refuse information sources that are dropped into your lap with indignation. Any opposite opinions are attributed to “tribalism”. Now, 99.9% of the time Meyers comes on here to defend a Conservative viewpoint (in which I agree) that is under constant attack by Liberals. Liberals are of different levels. Unfortunately, most Liberals on this post are rude and insulting. Recently, a Liberal on this site said something to Meyers that “I find comfort that sometime you will die.” Who complained about that atrocious statement? The problem with you Liberals is that the ends justify the means. No standards exist at all if your political agenda is advanced. No problem if an actress holds a bloody Trump head, no problem if Mueller creates a sham report, no problem if Meyers is wished evil. You ignore sources, you turn your head so as not to notice, and you insult opposing opinions with rhetoric that would make your mother blush as she reaches for the switch. That is all right. Then, when it comes to incoming fire, then the rules are all of a sudden to harsh to accept. That is hypocritical. The purpose of this site is for social discourse. I come here to learn. I hope everyone else would too. When you see the vulgar postings of some you see that is Pollyanna. All posting here owe integrity to yourself, your family, your country, and your God. To be clear, Joe, you are not the rude vulgar Liberal that I mentioned earlier. Also, to be clear, Meyers has a right to defend his position and make a wisecrack if he wants, with no harm intended. Maybe the vandal ate a cherry popsicle just before he got caught.
Nope. Tribalism is criticizing the entirety of another political party. Saying "you liberals" to make generalizations is a really good example of tribalism. (I'm more of a democratic capitalist, not terribly liberal) Painting with a wide brush shall we say. Suggesting all of islam is to blame for the work of some terrorists, another tribalist statement.

At no time have you ever seen me criticize another group as a whole because that does nothing but divide us. You won't see a "you conservatives" or "you trumpets" or anything like that. I criticize trump directly, I call out Mike's hypocrisy directly. But I don't rip all Christians because I am one, and I think much differently than Mike so I know you can't paint them all as one. Those talk show hosts you want me to follow? All 17 of them are purveyors of tribalism and divisiveness and I won't entertain that. Besides, they are entertainers, not political scientists. I also don't go to a dentist for advise about my heart.

So i challenge you to stop with the divisiveness. Criticize my stance all you want but don't make it "us against them". Thats what our enemies want us to do.
"Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters."
Jesus was quoted to say that (Luke).
How is abortion, with God?
How is promoting sexual perversion... being also with God?
Look at how the church has people scattering, because of division from the very subject of homosexuality.
One thing needs to be established though, Salvation does not come from being a part of any tribe, so, I'm not tribal. Salvation is not tribal, Corporate, Collective, but rather individual and personal. This I know. I'll work out my salvation (my own) with fear and trembling. I do tend to group all Democrats in to one basket, but, how can one who refers himself as being "Christian" explain being partnered with such radical far left nonsense that flows from the Democrat Party? Democrats are all out there trying to outdo each other in craziness. Take a look at what happened to the Mayor of Baltimore? She went along with the hate and division of the left. Mayor Pough looks like she's about dead! You say you're a Capitalist? How can you even find a person running for office as a Democrat, who would side with you (publicly)?
Find a post where I self identify as a democrat. But you do lump them all together. You are very tribal, and divisive. Why so angry?

But Buttigieg is very much a capitalist. It's a major piece of his platform. Care to tell me that Bloomberg isn't a capitalist?

Sexual perversion includes cheating on your wife while she is carrying and caring for your newborn child. Trump with all of his admitted affairs, alleged assaults, and boasts about grabbing pussy should be very much in your cross hairs for being a pervert.

Your words here... (I'm more of a democratic capitalist, not terribly liberal).
What you mention of Trump is sin of that man. The Party doesn't condone those activities.
The Democrat Party, as part of their platform, promote abortion, illegals and felons the right to vote, homosexuality and all the "Benefits" to boot, transgender garbage... I could go on and on, and these are things current candidates are standing on! Trump has changed on much, as I have. I could give testimony to my many shortfalls in life, but you would slam me, and then instruct me to the do's and don'ts of being a Christian.
Capitalist Democrats... Ha Ha Ha
They embrace capitalism because capitalism provides the money they need to give to others. Democrats love money... other peoples money! Oh... Bloomberg's a Republican when it fits, then a Democrat, if that fits. He'll never win the nomination. Boomberg is old and filthy rich. What's that got to do with this?
Joe, you are wrong about the talk show hosts, I will point out why. Listeners like me do not tune in to learn what my opinion should be. We turn in to listen to what a person with a proven similar philosophy has. I am an independent thinker. I don’t need anyone to tell me what to think, as in this “tribalism” stuff. I am a Ronald Reagan conservative that is pro military and fiscally responsible. Rush Limbaugh is prophetic. It is often thought by liberals that conservatives aren’t too smart. Don’t make that mistake. Conservatives are just as smart. I hear educated opinions, not divisiveness. Remember, those with opposite opinions aren’t necessarily divisive or dumb.
Rush Limbaugh is a broadcaster and entertainer. He is not an economist or expert in societal issues. He provides a radio show designed to attract right wing listeners and thus sell advertising time to companies that have right wing listeners as a target segment. His content is generally pretty divisive. He makes up names for those who do not agree with him. He accuses others of terrible things. He like conspiracy theories, especially false flag ones. No thanks. I also do not listen to radio shows of any other political view unless it is a proven and educated expert is a certain area. I do not need an echo chamber.

Again, give up the divisiveness.
Joe, you do not listen to Trump surrogates. How can you then go on to inform us all about the negative specifics of Rush Limbaugh? You wrongly stereotype things that you personally dislike. I counter just about everything you say. Rush Limbaugh is a prophet. Rush will say something that will come true eventually, sometimes years later. Rush has a talent that many understand and agree with. I value Rush’s accuracy in many ways. Rush is popular because millions of listeners agree with him. We appreciate his honesty, accuracy, and his sense of humor, which is cleverly used to point out the hypocrisy of the liberal mind. Rush never lies or accuses others of “terrible things” unless they did terrible things. I have been listening to Rush since the late 1980’s. Rush is fair and authentic. He does blend in humor that makes the mix all the better. You, Joe, would be better if you would listen rather than use liberal tribal reviews that are inaccurate. Be honest, when is the last time you listened to Rush Limbaugh? You are causing the divisiveness by ridiculing someone that you never even gave a fair chance. Just like you won’t give President Trump a fair chance. Rush Limbaugh is an expert on social issues. He is a “broadcaster extraordinary ” as he calls himself, as a joke to irritate liberals. His advice is readily available to you...for free...3 hours a day. Please provide examples of your insinuations. Also, Rush Limbaugh listeners are intelligent independent thinkers that are the best of American society. They are educated and informed citizens. Don’t make the mistake, again, of belittling people as though they are “tribal” insinuating conservatives stand around like cattle waiting for broadcast conformity.
Joe, the great Rush Limbaugh said today that the GDP grew 3.2%. How about the 9.4 Trillion Dollars put back in the economy since Trump became President? You can deny that happened,or,you can give credit to President Obama. Right, we can all laugh about that. Of course, Trump didn’t fix Social Security or the deficit. Give him ten more minutes, maybe. Half knowledge = no knowledge
Are you serious Joe? You display tremendous gaps of knowledge and understanding. President Obama did not achieve 3.0% GDP in a single quarter over the span of eight years. President Trump is doing great even with “Fake News” opposition and liberal whack job resistance and a hoax investigation. The “failure” to deliver is due to the anti-American resistance. The GDP growth would have been around 6.0%. You refuse to give President Trump any credit at all. You purposefully refuse to notice any of the major accomplishments of significance. 9.4 Trillion put back in our economy, record employment numbers for : Blacks , Hispanics , Women. Record business start ups...blah, blah, blah...Of course you, Joe, didn’t notice. You hate President Trump. Liberals are “failing to deliver” with treasonous behavior. Did you see the awesome Trump Rally in Green Bay, WI tonight? Why do you think 30k people show up? Keep up your selective ignorance and denial and 60k people will show up at future rallies. You, Joe, are a Democratic Capitalist. You hate Trump because of his lack of morals, you state. If you are a Democrat, do you support the party’s abortion platform? How about Ted Kennedy, a Democratic icon, and the murdering of Mary Jo Kopechne? Does that meet your moral standards? You have selective outrage. You state you are a capitalist. You don’t seem to notice any difference from the dismal Obama regulation laden economy to the uplifting Trump economy. President Trump is doing great even with liberal bias. Half knowledge =no knowledge. You criticize Trump for not making a standard that far exceeds your acceptance of Obama’s level, all as you resist and deny and make Trump carry you up the hill.
Obama deflection, we are talking about Trump. Trump promised 4% and why that matters is that without 4% his tax cuts for the wealthy causes huge deficits.

Btw, I listened to rush this afternoon. 20 minutes off old tired clinton email obsession. Somebody should tell him clinton isn’t running for President.
Again, Joe, I guess I did not explain it simple enough for you to understand. A 3.2% GDP is awesome. President Obama did not achieve over 3.0% GDP growth in ANY quarter over EIGHT years. President Obama promised “if you like your Doctor, you can keep your Doctor” during the aforementioned eight years also. Failing to deliver? I contest that 3.2% could easily be revised to 4.0+% when economists “alter” results, which has happened a lot recently. Those who hate Trump, like you Joe, skew the results negatively. This is common, as the textbook that just happened to state Trump is “unstable” and/or viewed as “unstable” by others. This negative bias gets cheered by you and others with Trump Derangement Syndrome. TDS creates a negative bias and a willful sabotage of our economy. For example, the confrontation with Liberal protesters that forces Conservatives to leave a restaurant affects the economy albeit on a minor scale. This has made the news five times as I recall. This all adds up to sabotage the economy. Next, we discuss the 90%+ negative news coverage. Even being demonstrably wrong, some believe it. You, Joe, are happy to go along with any negative about Trump. You also are blissfully purposely ignorant of any positive about Trump. If you didn’t notice, it didn’t happen. Now, your dilemma is how can you ignore something that is expanding beyond the abilities to conceal it?The Russian Hoax, the economy, the popularity of Trump, and the accomplishments of Trump, etc. are all proving out that Trump is right. Now what? Let’s see how this plays out. The Liberals will be eating a lot of crow.

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