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2 hikers rescued at the Glen

Published October 14. 2019 10:07AM

Emergency response personnel were on scene for a rescue at Glen Onoko Falls Sunday night.

Jim Thorpe Fire Chief Vince Yaich said the department was called around a little after 6 p.m. for a report of two hikers who were lost up on the trail.

“When they plotted their cellphone, the communication center told me to put them in the area of the second falls just off the trail,” Yaich said. “We sent the guys up along the trail that was closed due to the fact they were closer to the second falls.”

Yaich said the hikers — a man and woman from the Philadelphia area — were located about 25 minutes later and were not injured.

“They were all right,” he said. “The guys brought them down and took them to the parking lot.”

Yaich said the rescue took about 90 minutes.

He said the state game commission asked for the hikers’ information because they were going to contact them because they were on a part of the trail that’s closed.

The Lehigh and Lausanne Rural Volunteer Fire Company and Lehighton Ambulance also assisted at the scene.

How do you get lost in a Glen?
Follow the water?
And the Democrats want to make Recreational Pot Legal?
Probably used their City way of navigating.
I believe the outcome from questioning the people of PA, showed most are in favor of it. That would include D's, R's and I's.
A Franklin & Marshall College poll in September 2017 showed 59 percent of those surveyed support allowing marijuana for recreational use.
I never look at popularity as much as I look at practicality. I'm a social conservative who embraces our system of representation over a democratic approach. The second, is like asking your toddlers what the family should have for dinner.
I am so glad the taxpayers funded the maintenance on the second trail so our brave rescue team could safely navigate themselves to the poor lost souls.

Just think of the tragedy had the public not paid to properly maintain the open lands that the public can not access.

Good thing this was reported.
After all, for some individuals to use this gorgeous, yet from this article, obviously very dangerous restricted area, risking their lives and the lives of the emergency teams is bad. Very bad.

To put our rescue resources at risk, even just walking in the woods to find them are risks this community need not take. Is it time to have the government buy a big fence with scary restricted signs?

The people need to work with our emergency center that was talking to them on a cell phone, so they could walk the poor couple through how to use a cell phone for navigation, like Google maps. So glad to see the people, and the rescue team successfully negotiated these dangerous lands that have cost so many people their lives in the past.

The government may need to buy more signs, a fence, hire people and increase the overtime budgets to allow our community to increase the forest walking patrols, inside the fence of course, to ensure regular people are spared the risks in the future.

Or, just sayin, the government could be reduced and let the public people in the world use public lands. This will reduce the size of government, allowing corporations to make smarter phone that even the most lost of souls could use, getting paid to protect people from themselves.

I wonder if they were playing Pokemon Go?


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Well you baited me in David, ha ha ha.
Think about this thing we call "public land". It's actually social land ownership. One third of the acreage in America is Social Land. That smells too much of socialism to me.
About the lost hikers... I wonder if they were on disability and under the influence of medical marijuana?
Wait, I thought they closed this dangerous trail? How were these people able to use it? We’re going to need some sort of taxpayer-funded investigation into this matter. Closing the trail should have made this trespassing impossible!
Currently the failure rate of lost hikers is at about 100%. If we advertise the trails, bring in more visitors, that percentage would drop, making the falls appear safer. I say reopen the falls!

Revenue to the local community would rise and the taxes collected. If not wasted, could go to trail maintenance, education and awareness of cell phone map usage.

Us American could create a vicious cycle of capitalism, the voluntary sharing of knowledge and the wealth of a Nation.

Soliclaism is the forced sharing of wealth to the point of ambition reduction. This results in the inability of individuals to accumulate wealth or consume earnings on individual ambitious goals. Wouldn't everyone create vocal entertainment if the 90% of the revenue created, or lack thereof, went to the government that feed, clothed, and cared for you regardless of your ability to carry a tune, even if the tune was placed in a suitcase?

Open the trials, let freedom ring from the mountain tops. I had a dream. A dream the falls were open and the people enjoyed them. The dream showed me a rate of self inflicted challange and pain with minimal accidental injury. A balance way less than the opioid crisis that is sucking the life out of people.

Hiking, is hard. Well, fun and really just walking in the woods, so easy. But, anyway, hiking is a hard and dangerous sport! Soon they will close the streets to only allow crossing at the intersections, calling the offenders Jay walkers in an effort to ridicule them, giving fines in downtown Jim Thorpe. Wait, what? Ok, I had a dream, to open the falls and take your young children on hikes in those trails as preparation for their Everest trips. Imagination, it is what you make of it


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.

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