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Lehighton @ Jim Thorpe

Saturday, November 3, 2012
Lehighton and Jim Thorpe are set to square off this afternoon. It most certainly feels like football weather! Who will bring home the "209 Trophy"? Stay tuned here for live updates from the game. Kickoff at 4:30
  • Lehighton will eat clock, and come out on top in this one. Final Score in Jim Thorpe: Lehighton 27 Jim Thorpe 6
    7:00 PM
  • JT has the ball at their own 46. 3 minutes left in the game. Duvigneaud is sacked and he fumbled. #57 Deryk Gibbon picks up the ball. Indians wrapped this one up. They take over on the JT 41 yard line.
    6:57 PM
  • 4th and 6 for the Indians on the JT 24. 3 and change left on the clock. The Indians will keep their offense out on the field to try and seal it. Lehighton takes a shot deep to the endzone, picked off by #3 Mike Mulderig.
    6:55 PM
  • under 5 minutes left, Indians decide to throw the ball on first down for some reason. brings up 2nd and 10 on the JT 27 yard line.
    6:51 PM
  • On third and 10, Lehighton sends 6, great call by JT to go with the screen pass, however it falls incomplete. Pretty much sums up their afternoon here. Jim Thorpe elects to punt the ball away to keep this thing respectable. Lehighton will take over on the JT 44 yard line.
    6:49 PM
  • On second down, a pass into triple coverage, incomplete intended for Saunders. 6:07 left, ball on JT 27.
    6:48 PM
  • 3rd down and 9 for the Indians on the 34 yard line. Nalesnik gets a few, not enough to move the chains. Clock under 7 minutes now. The Lehighton offense remains on the field as they are in "no mans land". On 4th and 6, Nalesnik catches the pass from Cann, short of the first down. JT takes back over on their own 27 yard line.
    6:47 PM
  • Time to eat clock, and run the ball. Ruzicka gains a few on first down. ball on the 31 now.
    6:44 PM
  • Remember the onside-squib-kick I was talking about? Well Lehighton just recovered it. Both teams going with the same idea/strategy here. Indains ball on the JT 35.
    6:44 PM
  • Calls on the field were off-set. Nalesnik takes another direct snap to the right this time, down tot the two yard line. 3rd and 1 on the 2 yard line. Nalesnik again, right up the middle. Powers over 3 Olympians to cross the plain. TOUCHDOWN, Indians. The extra point is no good, 27-6 Lehighton. 9:43 left in the game.
    6:43 PM
  • Nalesnik on the keeper anyway---he fumbles around the 3 yard line! Flags down everywhere......
    6:39 PM
  • The ball was actually spotted at the eleven yard line. My mistake. 1st and 10 for Lehighton.
    6:38 PM
  • On 4th down, the snap is bothced. The Indians recover on the JT 1 yard line. No Penalty, that is where they will take over. Expect a Nalesnik keeper.
    6:37 PM
  • on 3rd and 25 from their own 14, Duvigneaud essentially throws a hail mary into triple coverage, batted down by Tyler Crum.
    6:36 PM
  • First and 10 for JT, screen pass (9th one today by both teams), Saunders is up-ended by Crann. Great tackle. Kid can play. 2nd down, shot down the far side line, intended for Saunders. 3rd down, Harleston finally gets back on the stat sheet this half. he picks up enough for the first down. however, there is a flag and it is on Jim Thorpe. Holding. 10:56 left in the game, 3rd and long for JT.
    6:35 PM
  • The Indians punt after a brief 3 and out. JT will take over on their own 31 yard line. 11:46 left in the game.
    6:33 PM
  • Lehighton takes over on their own 44 yard line. Cann rulls out, and just throws the ball away as he gets hit. 2nd and 10; last play of the half, Krum is sacked by a swarm of Olympians. It will be 3rd and 10. on their own 45.
    6:31 PM
  • Jim Thorpe has the ball after the kick off on their own 31 yard line. A sack on first down. 2nd and 15, screen pass intended for Harleston. He's been quiet since the first quarter. 3rd and 15: a shot deep, pass intended for saunders. Crowd wanted a flag for pass interference. In my actual unbiased opinion, it was a good no call (seriously). Bring up 4th down for JT. They must putn with 29 second left in the 3rd quarter.
    6:28 PM
  • Another direct snap to Nalesnik. Running behind his right tackle, gains 26. He broke about 4 tackles. Not fair to JT's D Line when this kid is essentially as big or bigger and faster than their front 7. 1st down from the 23 Yard line, hand off to Wyatt Clements, finds a hole and take is to the house for an Indians touchdown! With 1:25 left in the 3rd quarter, the Indians lead the Olympians, 21-6.
    6:24 PM
  • A penalty negates Nalesnik taking a 58 yard direct snap to the house. Obvious hold on the Wr that gave him the block he needed.
    6:20 PM
  • 3 and out for the Olympians. The Indians will take over on their own 41 yard line. 3:16 left in the third quarter.
    6:19 PM
  • JT has the ball at the 31 after an unsportsmanlike conduct flag.
    6:16 PM
  • 3rd and goal on the 7, Nalesnik over throws his reciever in the back corner of the endzone. Almost picked off by the Olympians. 4th down: The Indians line up for a field goal. The Kick is blocked by Jim Thorpe! It remains 14-6, Lehighton and a one score ball game. Special teams coming up big for JT! 4:10 left in the third quarter.
    6:16 PM
  • on 1st and goal, Nalesnik is sacked. ball on the 21 yard line now. Kyle Morales making a big play.
    6:14 PM
  • Nalesnik to Nick Newton down to the 17 yard line. 3rd and 2 with about 6 minutes left. On third down, Nalesnik takes it himself for a gain of one. It is now 4th and 1 on the JT 9 yard line. The Indians go for it: direct snap to Nalesnik, he runs right and picks 4 yards down to the 5 yard line. 1st and goal for Lehighton.
    6:12 PM
  • 5 is needed, he picks up 6. JT still cannot bring him down. The offensive line is doing just enough for Nalesnik. ball is on the JT 32.
    6:09 PM
  • 9 minutes left in the 3rd. Lehighton continues to emphaisze the ground game. Nalesnik, Ruzicka, Krum. Direct snaps, option reads. It's working. When will they go over the top? 3rd and 5 on the JT 42.
    6:07 PM
  • A quick 3 and out for the Olympians. Nothing doing. Punt team comes out, the Indians will take possesion back on their own 39 yard line. 10:28 left in the 3rd quarter.
    6:03 PM
  • 1st play direct snap to Nalesnik--he fumbled the snap! JT dives on it. Just like the, the Olympians are back in business taking over on their own 39 yard line.
    6:00 PM
  • 2nd half under way. The Indians will take over on the JT 36 yard line after a penalty on the Olympians on the kick off.
    6:00 PM
  • 4th and 4 for Jim Thorpe with 8 second left in the half. Ball still on the 22. Duvigneaud finds a wide open Malatak over the middle, he would have scored, but he simply dropped the ball. Wide open, and no catch. No gain for JT. That's how the half will end. After the first half, the Indians lead 14,6.
    5:39 PM
  • On first down, Duvigneaud rolls out and was absoultely DEMOLISHED by #55 of the Indians Marques Spencer. HUGE hit.
    5:35 PM
  • on 3rd and 5, Duvigneaud under pressure by Wyatt Clements. Threw it away at the last second. From up here looked like his knee was down before he throw it which would have been a HUGE loss. Instead , the balls remains on the 35 yard line with 38 seconds left. 4th and 5, Duvingneaud rolls out and finds Harleston for a gain of 13 yards. ball now on the Indians 22 with 32 seconds left.
    5:33 PM
  • St. Hill finding some running room, moves the chains. Ball on the 41, a Holding call negates a 25+ yard run by Duvingneaud. 2nd and 10 on the Indians 35. 45 seconds left in the 2nd quarter.
    5:31 PM
  • 3rd and 2 for the Olympians on their own 42. St. Hill FINALLY finds running room. he moves the ball to the 48 yard line. 1st and 10 JT, with 1:30 left in the second quarter. 1st and 10. Duvigneaud throws in traffic , Logan Hine drops an EASY interception. Neethless to say, it's 2nd and 10. QB Keeper good for 6 yards. Jim Thorpe takes a time out with 1:18 left in the second quarter.
    5:27 PM
  • So far, there have been nothing but squib kicks. Almost as if they are onside kicks, but going too deep. JT takes over on their own 33 yard line. Neither team has actually kicked deep this game.
    5:24 PM
  • 2nd and 11 for Lehighton, the ball now on the JT 48 yard line. 3:05 left in the second. An option read for Nalesnik out of the gun. Fakes to Krum, runs left betweent tackles. breaks 2 tackles in the hole, and another one at the 5 yard line to go 48 yards for the Touchdown! Great display of balance, I don't know how he stayed on his feet. He also kicks the extra point to give the Indians a 14-6 lead with 2:51 left in the second quarter. The Olympians need to find an answer for him.
    5:22 PM
  • 2nd and 4. on the their own (Indians') 27 Nalesnik up the middle to the Indians 33 to move the chains. 4:51 left in the secodn quarter. 1st and 10. Indians keep the ball on the ground again with Nalesnik getting the direct snap. picks up 5. 2nd and 5: Nalesnik off the left side, for a gain of 9. Chains keep moving with the ball in Nalesniks hands. Seems as if St. Hill is the only one tackling right now for JT. He is everywhere.
    5:21 PM
  • 2nd and 6 for JT on the 25. Out of the shotgun, halfback draw and the Indians break through the JT line and force a fumble. They recover and take over on their own 27 yardline.
    5:18 PM
  • 7:18 left on the 2nd 3rd and 6 for JT on the Indians' 38 yard line. QB roll out left, Duvigneau to Saunders good for 9 yards and an Olympian first down.
    5:16 PM
  • Sidenote: it's halfway through the second quarter and I've seen 7 WR screens.
    5:15 PM
  • QB Keeper by Patrick Duvigneaud good for 20 yards. JT back in business on the Lehighton 37.
    5:15 PM
  • Lehighton takes over on the 40 yard line. 1-10: QB Keeper for 4, Krum. Ball out to the 43 2-10: Olympians getting good penetration right up the middle. They drop the Indians halfback for a loss. #45 Hunter Gibson making a good tackle. On 3rd and 8, Krum rolls out by design, Mike Harleston bats down the pass intended for Nalesnik. Great play. Brings out the Lehighton special teams for a Punt. JT will take over on their own 27 yard line.
    5:13 PM
  • 2nd and 6 for JT. Ball on the Indians' 10. 11:20 left in the second. Stretch play to St. Hill, gobbled up by a swarm of white jerseys. He fumbled on the play but his lineman recovered. Bring up a 3rd and 7 on the 11. Duvigneaud on a designed rollout left, finds Saunders in the corner of the end zone for an Olympian touchdown! However, the extra point is shanked. 10:40 left in the second quarter, The Indians lead, 7-6 over Jim Thorpe.
    5:09 PM
  • QB Keeper and option plays are working well for JT on this drive. After a nice pick up by Duvigneaud, the Olympians are on the 33 yard line. End of the First Quarter Lehighton 7 Jim Thorpe 0
    5:05 PM
  • 3rd and 15 on the JT 32. Krum throws a screen to the sideline to Monty Thompson #84 who picks up two blocks, cuts to the middle of the field and outruns the JT secondary for a TOUCHDOWN! Extra point is good. Such a predictable playcall and it looked like it fooled the entire JT defense. With 2:06 left in the first quarter, the Indians lead the Olympians, 7-0.
    4:57 PM
  • The Olympians stop Ruzicka in first down, on second down Krum is under pressure and sacked. Coverage sack. 3rd and 15 the JT Defense is waking up, and for the first time tonight there is some life on the JT sideline
    4:55 PM
  • 2nd and 5. Krum throws a screen to the far side of the field to Nalesnik again, moving the ball to the JT 27 yard line. 3:52 left in the First, Indians are driving.
    4:54 PM
  • 6:38 left in the 1st quarter. 3rd and 2 for the Indians. Krum throws a bubble screen to Nalesnik good to move the chains. 1st and 10 Indians on their own 38. On First down: Ruzicka running strong between the tackles, picks up 6 yards. One second down, Ruzicka fed the ball again and hits the hole hard, picks up 19 on the run. Indians moving the ball on the JT 40 yard line now.
    4:52 PM
  • A little over 8 minutes left in the first quarter. 3rd and 6, a designed QB roll out, throw across the gain, almost intercepted but broken up by Tyler Krum. Forces a 4th down for JT. Indains fair catch the putn and take over on their own 25 yard line.
    4:49 PM
  • 3rd and 11 for the Olympians after Ruzicka stops the JT runner from turning the corner. On 3rd down, pass to Harleston again, for gain of 8. 4th and 3 on their own 39, the Olympians line up to go for it, and draw the Indians offsides. 1st down Jim Thorpe. Huge mental error for the Indians after a good sequence of defensive plays.
    4:45 PM
  • Good ol' squib kick. JT Takes over on their own 34. 1st-10: Curl patter, for a few yards, reception by Mike Harleston for a couple. 2nd and 8.
    4:42 PM
  • The Olympians will receive to start things off. Here we go
    4:41 PM
  • The Olympians honor their Seniors. It's about 43 degrees, some wind. The field looks good. We'll be underway shortly here in Jim Thorpe.
    4:26 PM