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Panther Valley at Jim Thorpe Football

Friday, September 21, 2012
Follow tonight's Anthracite League backyard battle between the Olympians and Panthers live on our website under Sports Blogs
  • Welcome to our first TIMES NEWS live football blog here at Jim Thorpe Stadium where the Olympians host Panther Valley in a 7:10 start. Game time temperature is 65 degrees.
    7:09 PM
  • Jim Thorpe wins the coin toss and will receive.
    7:10 PM
  • Thorpe starts 1st and 10 from its own 34 and Patrick Duvigneaud keeps for a first down on a 15-yard gaine out to his own 49. Two straight penalties against the Olympians put them back on their own 33 for a 1st and 25.
    7:14 PM
  • After being sacked by Rich Nase, Duvigneaud completes a pass to Ryan Saunders, but on second down, PV's Kyle Ferryman intercepts a pass and runs it back to the JT 37
    7:16 PM
  • Panthers moved it down to the JT 33 and were faced with a fourth and six and QB Matt Leavitt was sacked by Ryan Saunders back on the 37 to turn it over to the Olympians.
    7:21 PM
  • Duvigneaud breaks loose for a 41-yard gain down into Panther territory at the 21, but the Olympians go four and out and the Panthers take over first and 10 from their 20 with 5:39 left in the first quarter.
    7:25 PM
  • Two big defensive plays by Mike Malatak and Deonte St. Hill have the Panthers back on their 11 and after a n incompletion, the Panthers punt to Michael Harleston returns it to the PV 30 to start another drive.
    7:29 PM
  • After a 21-yard gain down to the nine, St. Hill runs in for the first score and Harleston kicks the point after for a 7-0 lead with 2:48 left in the opening quarter.
    7:31 PM
  • Jim Thorpe tries an onside kick but the officials ruled it was touched before it went 10 yards so PV takes over on its 46.....On the first play, Richie Smith breaks through for a 54-yard TD run and Joe Ficocelli boots the PAT to tie it up at 7-7 with 2:38 still left in the first quarter.
    7:35 PM
  • Olympians start on their own 28 after the kickoff and Duvigneaud breaks loose for a 72-yard TD to answer Smith's TD. We've seen three touchdowns in 32 seconds and Harleston's PAT makes it 14-7.
    7:37 PM
  • The Panthers start their drive on their on 38 and Richie Smith carries two straight times to move into JT territory at the 46.
    7:40 PM
  • With 9.3 seconds left in the first quarter, Kyle Ferryman breaks loose for a 49-yard Panther touchdown and Ficocelli's PAT ties it at 14-14.
    7:42 PM
  • Ryan Saunders returns the kickoff down to the Panthers' 34 so Jim Thorpe will start the second quarter deep in PV territory tied at 14-14.
    7:45 PM
  • Duvigneaud completes a big third down pass to Harleston to give JT a first down at the PV 19.
    7:48 PM
  • Duvigneaud takes a keeper 19 yards for a JIm Thorpe touchdown with 9:48 in the half. The JT quarterback has 146 yards rushing already. Harleston's PAT gives the Olympians a 21-14 lead.
    7:50 PM
  • Panthers recover another Jim Thorpe pooch punt and will start on their own 39 after the Olympians TD.
    7:51 PM
  • Panthers go four and out and punt to the Olympians and they tacke over on their own 45 with 8:03 left in the half.
    7:57 PM
  • Ryan Saunders makes a great catch at the Panthers' 44 and Mike Malatak also is on the receiving end for 11 more yards for a first down at the PV 32.
    8:00 PM
  • Faced with a fourth down at the PV 34, Duvigneaud hits Harleston, but the Panthers stop him for no gain to take over possession on downs.
    8:03 PM
  • After a pass interference call against Jim Thorpe, the Panthers get a first down on their own 42, but are hit with a holding penalty to move it back to the 31. A complete pass from Levitt to Ferryman is called back for an illegal procedure penalty to move it back to the PV 26, still first down.
    8:08 PM
  • Panthers go four and out and JIm Thorpe took over on its own 14 in the final minute but failed to get anything going so they take a 21-14 lead into the locker room at intermission.
    8:15 PM
  • Jim Thorpe kicks to Panther Valley to start the second half and Nate Hrebik fair catches it to give PV a 1st and 10 from its own 40.
    8:37 PM
  • Two straight carries by Richie Smith gives PV a first down at the Jim Thorpe 44. Kyle Ferryman gains nine down to the 35 and then Smith breaks loose for a touchdown. Ficocelli's kick makes it 21-21 with 10:27 on the clock in the third quarter.
    8:41 PM
  • Olympians start their first offensive drive of the second half at their own 38.
    8:43 PM
  • Duvigneaud hits Harleston for a big gain on a screen pass for a first down into PV territory at the 46.
    8:46 PM
  • Deonte St. Hill picks up a first down for the Olympians at the Panthers' 29 and on the next play, PV's Kyle Ferryman bats away a pass intended for Harleston in the end zone to save a potential touchdown.
    8:50 PM
  • Mike Malatak catches a pass for a JT first down at the PV 16, but the Panthers hold and take over on downs at their own 9 with 4:27 left in the third quarter.
    8:54 PM
  • The Panthers go four and out and punt to the Olympians, who take over on the Panther Valley 42 with 1:32 left in the third quareter.
    9:00 PM
  • Dyvugneaud keeps it to the PV 28 for a first down, but gets sacked for a five-yard loss by PV's Noah Frey making it second and 15 and they eventually turn it over on downs to PV at its 33 to start the fourth quarter. Score is still tied 21-21.
    9:07 PM
  • Kyle Ferryman takes a quick toss and goes around the right side for a 61-yard TD run for the Panthers, but the extra point is blocked keeping the PV lead at 27-21 with 11:07 left in the game.
    9:09 PM
  • Ryan Saunders returns the ensuing kickoff all the way back to the PV 45 for the Olympians. Duvigneaud takes it down to the PV 30 and Harleston carries it into the end zone on the next play. Harleston also boots the PAT to give JT a 28-27 lead with 10:35 left.
    9:13 PM
  • The Panthers took over on their own 30 after the kickoff and Richie Smith breaks loose on third down for a 63 yard score to put the Panthers back on top. Smith runs in for the two-point conversion for a 35-28 PV lead and 8:52 left on the clock. Smith now has over 200 yards rushing.
    9:19 PM
  • Penalties have hurt the Olympians on special teams and have to start on their own 7 after the kickoff and punt to PV after a four and out. The Panthers take over, with the lead, on the JIm Thorpe 34 with 7:47 left.
    9:24 PM
  • Matthew Levitt takes a quarterback keeper 35 yards for a TD to widen the Panther Valley lead. Ficocelli's PAT makes it 42-28 with 7:07 still left in the game.
    9:26 PM
  • Thorpe strikes right back as Duvigneaud hits Harleston for a 35-yard TD one minute and one second later. Duvigneaud hits Harleston for a two-point conversion to pull the Olympians within 6, 42-36.
    9:32 PM
  • Panthers take the kickoff into JT territory and starts on the Olympians' 49.
    9:33 PM
  • Kyle Ferryman breaks loose for a first down, but it is nullified by a holding call on PV moving it back to the Panthers' 44 making it 3rd and 18. Panthers eventually have to punt giving JT the ball on their own 37 with 3:58 left.
    9:37 PM
  • Mike Harleston goes 21 yards down to the Panthers' 43 for another JT first down and Duvigneaud picks up another first down and add on a personal foul against PV taking it down to the Panthers' 11.
    9:39 PM
  • Harleston gets nailed for a 5-yard loss by PV's Rich Nace, an incomplete pass and then Duvigneaud takes it down to the 3 for a fourth down.
    9:42 PM
  • An offside call against PV moved it to the 2 and Duvigneaud sneaks it in for the TD with 1:38 left. The PAT was wide right leaving the score tied at 42-42.
    9:44 PM
  • Kyle Ferryman takes the kickoff back to the JT 35 giving the Panthers a first and 10 with 1:27 on the clock. Faced with a 4th and 20 at the JT 45 and 12 ticks left, the Panthers throw an incomplete pass to give it back to JT with 6.3 seconds left at the Olympians' 45.
    9:52 PM
  • We're going to overtime here with the score tied at 42-42.
    9:53 PM
  • JT gets the ball first on the 10 and on second down St. Hill goes three yards for a TD. The Olympians go for two and the run fails giving them a 48-42 lead.
    9:59 PM
  • Now it's the Panthers turn from the 10. Richie Smith gets three yards on first down, Kyle Ferryman is stopped for no gain on second down, then Levitt hits Ferryman for a touchdown on third down. Ficocelli boots the PAT to give the Panthers a 49-48 victory.
    10:03 PM