Tamaqua High School's Class of 1953 gathered for a picnic on June 28 at Leiby's Grove in Lewistown Valley.

Class members who served on the Picnic 2014 committee who were in attendance were co-chairwoman Alma Schaeffer Fisher, co-chairman Curt Williams, Nancy Hoffman Driesbach, Marion Aiken Miller, Nancy Knepper Nunemacher, Jean Rinker Stephens, Marie Kistler Gursky, Mae Stribic McKeever, Claire Fagan Stancavage, Shirley Lauer Milot, Marlene Cutter Turner, Joan Gober Tracy, Geraldine Breiner Balliet, Robert Fisher and Ronny Zimmerman.

Since the picnic in 2012, the class has lost eight members: Joan Welsh Kucharik, Patricia Rice Garnier, Robert Wetterau, Daniel Kriner, Phillip Krapf, Rosemarie Comisac Peiffer, Mildred Collins Weaver and Edward Biskis. The class has now lost 60 of its members.

Classmates were generous at this picnic and donations totaling $300 were added to the class treasury. Ronny Zimmerman provided the use of the grove. The picnic was catered by Hess Catering of Schuylkill Haven.

Next year's picnic will be held on June 27, 2015. Anyone who was ever a member of the Class of 1953 is invited to attend. For more information contact Curt Williams at 570-668-1831.