Thirty-one members of Tumble With Denise, Inc. recently competed in "The State Games of America" Competition in Hershey. There were over 10,000 athletes representing 27 sports competing that weekend in Hershey. Pennsylvania dominated the entire competition winning 471 medals.

Tumble With Denise Gymnastics earned 40 of the medals (12 gold medals) to help the state reach the highest honors.

The following Tumble With Denise Gymnasts earned medals:

Level 3 Gymnasts: Caitlyn Kovatch, first on vault, third on bars, first on beam, second on floor, first all-around; Allee Maini, second on bars; Jayleena Pfaff: first on vault, second on bars, second on beam, second on floor, first all around; Rachael Carr, third on beam, second, all-around; Abigail Hinkle, second on beam; Mackenzie Hargreaves-Kern, second on beam.

Level 4 Gymnasts, Ryli McGorry, first on vault, first on bars, third on beam, second all around; Analise Recker, first on vault, and first on beam; Emily Snyder, third on beam; Edie Cordes, third on bars; Emma Christman, third on vault; Brittney Bartasavage, second on vault; Allison Reph, third on beam.

Level 5 Gymnasts, Morgan Hadesty, third on bars; Kayla McCoy, first on vault, second on beam, first on floor, second all around.

PA Prep. Optionals, Emily Meier, third on vault, third on beam, third on floor, third all around; Rui Na Gentile, second on vault, first on bars; Riley Schaeffer, third on bars, third on beam, second all around.

Also representing Tumble With Denise in the State Games of America were, Jacey Szarek, Eliza Andrew, Chloe Kruslicky, Haley Ginder, Megan Bankes, Reilly Babcock, Chrystiana Brettle, Abigail Buffington, Emily Butz, Maggie Morgan, Hannah Smith, Courtney Berry, and Olivia Hine.

Tumble With Denise, Inc. is owned by Denise Maradeo and located at 961 Oak Grove Drive in Lehighton. In addition to Denise, coaches attending the State Games were Bec Schaeffer, Megan Snyder, Katie Snyder and Lisa Bisbing.