History will come alive Friday and Saturday, September 20 and 21 at the West End Fairgrounds in Gilbert as the Redball Military Transport Club holds its annual "Rally and Swap Meet" there.

The club is an organization of individuals interested in collecting, restoring, displaying and enjoying antique historic military transport equipment, vehicles, and mobile weaponry transport.

Their vehicles represent military equipment from 1941 on up to the present day.

Military vehicles from all eras are expected to fill a large section of the parking area outside of the fairgrounds.

This year's featured vehicles are Military Wrecker and Recovery Vehicles.

Some other featured vehicles will be a WWII M5A1 Stuart Light Tank and there will also be an extremely rare WWII Japaneses Jeep.

Inside the fairgrounds, there will be spare part for such vehicles.

The Redball Military Transport organization was established in 1992 and takes it's name from the WWII supply route known as "The Redball Express".

The Redball Express kept Allied troops resupplied as they fought their way across France in 1944 in their attack aimed at the German homeland.

Their actions during WWII were a vital contribution to the defeat of Nazi Germany.

When not working on or displaying their vehicles, members of Redball Military Transport participate in parades, reenactments and civic and Veterans events.

In addition to their annual September rally, the club also host a Winter Swap Meet every February at Memorial Hall on West 10th street in Jim Thorpe.

The 2013 Redball Military Transport Club's annual Military Vehicle Display and Swap Meet will run at the Fairgrounds from 8 am to 5 p.m. both days.

For additional information on the show, please contact Jim Gilmore at (570) 325-5216.