When the Palmerton Community Festival begins, there is a rich and heavenly aroma that wafts around the town from the delicious variety of foods from local vendors. Those aromas are especially noticed by the residents of the Hi Rise right across the street. For some of the residents, it's a little difficult to maneuver their way through the crowds so they do not attend.

That's why last year the Cub Scouts from Pack 41 came up with the idea of taking orders from the Hi Rise residents, filling those orders and transporting them back to them. It was such a success and the residents really appreciated the Cub Scouts efforts, that the Pack decided to do it again this year.

Someone else noted the unselfish act of the Cub Scouts and decided to give them a helping hand in transporting the Hi Rise orders.

Family Promise donated money to the Cub Scout Pack to purchase a wagon.

"It was our way to say 'Thank You' to them for helping Family Promise at an event we had for 'Fun On Wheels" on June 13," said Family Promise volunteer Larissa Kimmel. "We wanted to give back to the Pack especially because they serve the community."

Lehigh Valley Garden Center donated one of its wagons customers use to cart plants to the check-out. The money that was donated by Family Promise was used to "soup up" the wagon. Cub Scout leader Jim Engle, built rails for the sides, added deflectors, painted it and inscribed it with the words "Donated by Lehigh Valley Garden Center and Family Promise."

The Cub Scouts again performed an act of kindness for some to enjoy the wonderful taste of the Palmerton Community Festival and did it in style and made easier, thanks to Family Promise and Lehigh Valley Garden Center.

"We thank them for their donations so we can help others enjoy the festival," said Eric Reif, Pack 41 Cubmaster.