Women attending "A Taste of Chocolate" Breast Cancer Awareness program Tuesday at the Jim Thorpe Yoga Center heard inspiring words of healing, nutrition and meditation from program presenters.

Susan Generose, a breast cancer survivor, spoke of how her life evolved from the time she attended Marywood University to study nutrition. It was that knowledge that helped her battle breast cancer.

She said when her potassium levels were low during her treatments, she knew to eat the right foods to increase the levels and help her heal.

"I wanted a lot of protein to prepare me for the surgery and to help me heal," she said.

Generose noted that her path through life helps give her confidence and empathy to help make other's journeys easier.

Tricia Schaefer, owner of Truespa Skin Care Center, Palmerton, said her love of oncology clients has led her to assist them with skin care conditions, most times without any compensation.

"How can you not help someone whose skin is dry, painful and ulcerated?" she said.

Schaefer said it helps people realize it's a time in their life that they will get over.

"People have many choices of what they put on their skin; I believe that when they use natural products it is beneficial to the skin," she said. "Why not use products that are natural?"

Schaefer introduced Kara Scott, who is a life coach at the center.

"We end up talking about life and help people move forward," she said. "Life coaching helps people move forward."

The program concluded with Richard Graham who taught the women how to breathe and relax. He said breathing helps nourish the body and relieve stress.

He also offered phases people can think to help them relax.

The program concluded with a taste of chocolate covered fruit and marshmallows.

Members of the program committee were MaryLou McGeehan, Denise Kennedy, Alicia Silliman, Wendy Matyas, Lisa Johnson and Elisa Condon.