When a veteran dies, his or her casket is draped with an American flag.

That flag, upon interment, is folded and presented to the family as a symbol and thank you for the sacrifices their loved one made.

Many times, those flags are either packed away in a case and displayed or forgotten about.

One Jim Thorpe veteran is hoping to use those flags.

Francis C. O'Donnell, a 62-year member of American Legion Post 304 in Jim Thorpe, has taken up the cause to offer family members another option for the American flag they receive from a family member's funeral. He is asking to fly these flags at various locations, including churches, cemeteries or at prominent establishments.

"Most of the time after the family receives the flag, it is put in a drawer and forgotten about," he said. "I want to see if the families would donate them to be flown in the veteran's honor at various locations. This way they still have a purpose."

O'Donnell said that the flag currently flying over Flagstaff Ballroom, on top of Flagstaff Mountain in Jim Thorpe, will be flown until the end of November for Edward J. Plesnarski, who served during the Korean War.

Anyone who would like to donate their veteran's casket flag to fly in his or her honor can contact O'Donnell at 570-325-2485.