The Walmart Teacher Rewards Program isa dream come true for educators, and for goodreason.

Recently, 20 teachers in the Palmerton Area School District received $50 reward cards to purchase classroom supplies to help offset their expenses.

The rewards cards were given out to educators as part of an award ceremony at the S.S. Palmer Elementary School library during a faculty meeting.

Teachers from both S.S Palmer Elementary, as well as the Parkside Education Center, received the reward cards.

Jamie Sutcliffe, assistant manager of the Lehighton branch, said, "We are proud to honor our community's teachers, who give time and often their own money, to ensure our students have everything they need to be successful throughout the school year."

Sutcliffe added, "At Walmart, we are dedicated to supporting our nation's teachers by providing the support and resources needed to continue educating the future leaders of our community."

Mary Brumbach, principal, said, "I think it's great that they reach out to the community and recognize how hard our teachers work."

Three gift baskets were also presented, and refreshments were provided.

This marked the fifth year that Walmart donated up to $4.5 million to provide 90,000 teachers across the country with reward cards.