A group of Junior Girl Scouts plan to beautify a pocket in the heart of downtown Palmerton.

Clair Frank, Crysta Strohl, Jillian Frank, and Karyn Thomas, of Troop 3112 of Palmerton, approached borough council on Thursday about a "take action project."

The group told council it would like to improve the area around "Patches" the Mule. A fiberglass mule, "Patches" has been located at 401 Delaware Avenue for over a decade.

Clair, 8, said the group is working to obtain its Bronze Award, which is the third highest award in Girl Scouting.

"In order to earn this award, we need to do a "take action project," Clair said. "We went on a special walk through Palmerton to find things that we thought could use improvement or repair."

Crysta, 9, added, "After our walk, we had a meeting to decide what we would like to do. We have decided that the area around "Patches" the Mule could use some attention."

"There were a lot of cigarette butts and trash on the ground," Crysta said. "We noticed that there were not any flowers planted around the clock, and there was a lack of mulch."

Jillian said, "We are here tonight to ask your permission to take action at this site."

"We would like to thoroughly clean the area, plant flowers around the clock, purchase a trash can as well as smoker's outpost, and possibly spread mulch," said Jillian, 10. "We would like to begin work on this project in the spring."

Jillian added that as Girl Scouts, the group must raise the money to obtain their goals for this project, and are allowed to take part in one fundraiser.

That fundraiser, she said, is to be a vendor at the Palmerton Christmas in the Park program, where the group will be selling gourmet hot cocoa, mulled apple cider, and egg nog, in addition to homemade candy and baked goods.

The program will be held from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 7, in the borough park.

Karyn, 10, told the borough, "Should you grant us permission to take on the project, we would like to ask for your help in obtaining the trash can so that it matches those found within the borough. Also, if there are discounts available by purchasing the trash can and smoker's outpost through the borough, we would like to ask you to extend those discounts to us."

The group then thanked council for allowing them to present their idea, and said it hoped council would allow them to move forward with the project.

In turn, council granted its consent to the group to partake in the project.

Councilman Richard Nothstein told the group, "I'd like to commend them for being here."

"I think this project is very good," Nothstein said. "I'd like to congratulate you; it's a good idea."

Councilwoman Holly Sell, who serves as a Title I Reading Specialist at the Parkside Education Center in the Palmerton Area School District, echoed Nothstein's sentiment.

"These are my students," Sell said. "Here they are, and they did such an awesome job."

Nothstein added, "The joy of giving is a good emotion to have."

Other Junior Girl Scout members who will be involved with the project are Megan Bankes, Caitlin Smith and Amelia Balch.