The More or Less 10K Race took place earlier this month at the Lehigh Gap Nature Center.

The 5.8-mile race ended with an unrelenting climb from the edges of the Lehigh River to the summit of the Blue Mountain.

"I definitely liked it. It was fun if you're a little crazy," said John Heatter of Slatington, who said he had become bored with racing but agreed to come with a friend and try the Alp d'Huez race that ended on top of the Blue Mountain above the Osprey House.

While waiting for the racers to walk down from the mountain, diets were compared.

"I hadn't realized how much eating can change your metabolism," said Matthew Pettit of Lehighton, who had come with a friend to volunteer after spending time in the gym.

Michael Mengel, overall winner of the race, was asked how he liked the course.

"It was great. It was just gradual uphill, then straight up," said Mengel.

Alie Huxta of Allentown said you had to keep cheering yourself on. Anna Hilton, the 60-plus female winner, said the trail was beautiful for hiking but she doesn't know about running.

There were 85 entrants along with 15 to 20 in the earlier two-mile Scamper. Overall winners received slate awards in addition to their medals. The slatework was by Pennsylvania Slatecraft. Winners were invited to lunch with Michael Martinez, race organizer.

Winners were: First place female, Anna Hilton and first place male, Michael Mengel. In first, second, third order: Male, 18 and under, Dean Masur, Riley Moore and Jacob Martinez; female, 19-29, Moriah Allen, Amanda Deni and Elana Goldstein; male, 19-29, John Vasko, John Spanogle and Jared Bidlow; female, 30-39, Diane Lear, Jennifer Shober and Rebecca Goldstein; male, 30-39, John Heatter, Andrew Martin and Tasei Erman; female 40-49, Laureen Beck, Kim Moore and Dawn Poulson; male, 40-49, Guy DeBruyn Shawn Quinn and Thomas Gassler; female, 50-59, Marge Bennett, Terry Richards and Sharon Sein; male, 50-59, Faro Hager, Ray Szczucki and Lester Staib; female, 60 and up, Joane Goldstein; male, 60 and up, Philip Turton.

The two mile scamper awards went to: First place female, Emma Martinez with a time of 22.26 and male, Darron Daniels, with a time of 24:09. Female 18 and under was Madison Martinez; male 19-29, Travis Bottcher; male 40-49, Kerry Bottcher and Antonio Dandridge; male 60-and-up, Butch Unger and John Gallagher (age 78).